How to prepare the CILS Exam A1 and A2 Speaking Section

The CILS exam is valid worldwide as a certification of your Italian language level of competence. Have a look at its general structure here. Similarly to the other sections, the Speaking Section is quite similar in the A1 and A2 exam, with some differences due to the different programme covered and, of course, the different competence […]

Giulia and her experience as a DITALS attendee

  Giulia Claudi attended our DITALS I preparation course in June 2017 for four weeks. We asked her to talk about it and explain what was more useful for her to approach the exam. Let’s read what she said!   Tell us about your education and previous work experience. I graduated in Modern Filology at […]

Top Ten Roman Cuisine Best Dishes

One of the most ancient and popular Italian recipes come from the Roman cuisine, which is the result of different influences, above all the Jewish one: after the expulsion from Spain in 1492, a huge number of Jewish people moved to Rome, where they started living in the ghetto. Mostly, the Roman Cuisine is made of […]

Spritz Making Class and Italian Meet Up

  Dear Students and dear Friends, We are happy to invite you to our Spritz Making Workshop and Italian Meet Up: a great chance to learn how to make popular Italian Cocktails as Aperol Spritz, Campari Spritz and Negroni and, of course, to taste them! Join us on the 19th October from 6.30pm at WeWork Tower […]

What Chi S’è Visto S’è Visto Means in Italian

Chi s’è visto s’è visto is a common Italian idiomatic expression used to cut a conversation or to show indifference towards something. It could be translated as ” and that was that” or “end of story“, which also works well to understand it. Let’s see some examples! Italian English Se non vuoi venire al cinema vado […]

What Echar Agua Al Mar Means in Spanish

Have you ever heard someone saying “Echar agua al mar” in Spanish? Well, this is a common idiomatic expression which literally means “Throw water into the sea” and is used in Spain to say that something is pointless, useless, ineffective. Here you have some examples to use it correctly: Spanish English Tratar de convencerla es […]

DITALS II Exam – Getting ready for Section B

  The DITALS II certification is the necessary challenge to teach Italian as a foreign language. Released by the University for Foreigners of Siena, it is perfect for people who have already a good teaching experience. The exam consists of 4 parts: we are going to focus on Section B, called Production of teaching material. In this section […]

CILS Exam A1 and A2 – How to study for the Writing Section

As you probably know, the CILS exam attests your Italian language competence and is released by the University of Foreigners of Siena. Read more about its structure here. The focus today is the Writing Section in CILS Exam A1 and A2: in the two levels it looks quite similar, however there are some differences to […]

Cantabria: a Journey to the Green Spain

Have you ever heard about Cantabria? This beautiful region in the North of Spain is known as Green Spain because of the natural features, the several reserves and the Cantabria mountains that run along the coast. In addition to the stunning beauty that will capture you at first sight, this land offers important evidence of […]

Palio Di Siena: an Ancient Italian Tradition

The Palio di Siena is one of the most famous events in Italy. It is a horse race that takes place in the famous Piazza del Campo in Siena and gets involved the 17 Contrade (quarters) of the city. It seems that the first Palio was dated back to the XII century. Let’s discover more about it! There are two […]