Best Resources to Boost your Reading Skills in Spanish

Are you wondering where you can find nice resources to improve your reading skills in Spanish? If you don’t have much time to go to a bookshop or a library, just browse online and choose what you like! If you want to practice the language and take a new challenge every day, you might like […]

What Tutto Fa Brodo Means In Italian

In Italy, if you get a little discount, you can definitely use the Italian idiomatic expression “Tutto fa brodo!“. If you translate it literally it means “everything makes broth” but obviously isn’t a cooking reference: its meaning is similar to “it’s all grist to the mill“, so it is a nice idiom to say that […]

Top Resources to Improve Your Reading Skills in Italian

Are you looking for something nice to read in Italian? You will be spoilt for choice! There is a huge amount of amazing resources you can easily find online, have a look at the most useful. Short stories are probably the easiest way to start reading in Italian: you can choose a topic that you […]

The Top Carnival Celebrations in Spain

Did you know that Spain is one of the best locations in the world to celebrate the Carnival? If you are looking for colorful parades, extravagant costumes and crazy parties, it is definitely worth planning a trip to some famous cities where you can enjoy the best days ever. If Carnival is the excess before […]

What Estar Sin Blanca Means in Spanish

What idiomatic expression would you use in Spanish if you are penniless? Well, if someone invites you to go out but you don’t have any money, you can say: “estoy sin blanca“! This common idiom comes from a coin introduced in 1386 called Blanca del Agnus Dei, which was a coin of little value made […]

Spanish Film Forum and Language MeetUp

Dear HAPPY Students and HAPPY Friends, We are so glad to invite you to our third Spanish Film Forum. It is a great opportunity to discover something more about Spanish Cinema and Spanish culture in general. Here you can find some pictures from last year FILM FORUM. Programme: 6.30pm-7.00pm Welcoming guests with a complementary drink. 7.00pm-7.10pm Short […]

Carnival Sweets in Italy

Carnival in Italy is a fun celebration: people dress up (especially children) and go around the cities throwing carnival confetti or taking part in funny parades. But it is also the time of the year when people like cooking nice and tasty sweets: have a look at this selection of Italian Carnival Sweets! Chiacchiere are the most famous sweet of Carnival. […]

The Best Italian Music Festival: Discover Sanremo

The best pop music contest and awards in Italy is definitely the Festival di Sanremo. Do you know it at all? It has quite a long history: since 1951 every year the most famous Italian singers and songwriters compete in this festival which nowadays lasts 5 days and keeps millions people stuck in front of […]

Carnival In Italy

Carnival is a festivity celebrated in catholic countries. The period of Carnival corresponds with the days before the Lent, and it finishes on the the Mardi Grass. In Italy there is a long tradition about Carnival and every city has its own parades. Let’s see together the most famous! The Carnival of Venezia: known all around […]

How to Improve your Listening Skills in Spanish

If you are trying to improve your listening skills in Spanish, probably people keep suggesting you to listen something every day. But what can you listen without getting bored? You are quite lucky! There is a huge number of online resources, let’s go through and see how you can use them. First of all, if […]