Italian Film Forum

Dear HAPPY Students and HAPPY Friends, After the lovely Italian Film Forum we had last year in March we are extremely happy to invite you to our third Italian Film Forum in in our superb location at WeWork Aldgate Tower on Friday 27th April from 6.30pm. We will be waiting for you from 6.30 pm to enjoy […]

Top Ten Apps to Learn Spanish

Are you wondering how to learn and practice Spanish having fun? There are many fantastic apps to use and enjoy, discover our top ten! FluentU – Learn Spanish through a huge variety of authentic videos about different topics: each one comes with an interactive transcript so that you can tap on new words to learn […]

What Shall I Study For the DITALS I Specific Student’s Profiles?

Have you already chosen the student’s profile for the DITALS I exam? As you know, the bibliography includes specific manuals for each profile in order to help you deepen your knowledge of their features. If you want to learn more about the basic bibliography common to all the profiles you can read this useful article. […]

Moros y Cristianos: a Spectacular Spanish Festival

Would you love being thrown back to the Spanish Middle Age? Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) is a fantastic festival taking place from 22nd to 24th April in Alcoy, in the Valencian Community, whilst other cities celebrate it in different periods of the year. Behind this festival there is a long and fascinating tradition […]

How to Celebrate Pasquetta in Italy

Have you ever heard about that lovely Italian tradition called Pasquetta? Pasquetta is the day after Easter (Pasqua) and it is celebrated all around Italy: in the Catholic tradition, Monday after Easter an Angel announced the resurrection of Jesus Christ and for this reason that day is also called “Lunedì dell’Angelo“. Pasquetta was introduced as […]

What Empezar La Casa Por El Tejado Means in Spanish

Have you ever heard someone saying “he empezado la casa por el tejado“? It can be translated in English as “I put the cart before the horse” and literally means “to start the house by the roof“, so it can also be referred to having things in the wrong order. Let’s go through some examples! […]

La Semana Santa

One of the most known festivity in Spain is the “Semana Santa“, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. Spain is a very catholic country, and during this week all over Spain there are processions of believers and statues depicting Jesus and his mother Mary known as “Pasos“, carried by people of old brotherhoods (confràdias) that prepare […]

What L’Abito Non Fa Il Monaco Means in Italian

When you want to say that it is not possible to judge someone solely by his appearance, in Italian you can say “l’abito non fa il monaco!”. This nice Italian idiomatic expression literally means that “the dress does not make the monk”, which in English would be “clothes don’t make the man”. Here you have […]

What To Expect From The DITALS Base Exam

The DITALS Base exam is perfect to get the certification to teach Italian as a foreign language for those who are non-natives with a B2 Italian language certification or for people who are natives but have just started this job and don’t have much experience. What does the exam consist of? It includes three sections, let’s see […]

Traditional Easter Symbols

In most European languages, the word for Easter comes from the Hebrew Pesach. European languages associate the word Pesach to the Jewish feast of Passover, which was a sort of preparation for the Easter events as mentioned on the Christian Gospels. The English word Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon word Eastre, a pagan goddess whose festivals (called Eastron) […]

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