CILS Exam C1 and C2 – How to Train for the Reading Section

The CILS Exam is perfect to attest your Italian level of competence and get a language certification valid worldwide. Read more about its structure here. In the CILS C1 and C2 exam, the Reading Section has specific features. Let’s have a look! Both levels include 3 reading activities: In the first activity candidates have to […]

What Fare i Conti Senza L’Oste Means in Italian

When someone makes a decision or acts without considering possible problems and consenquences, in Italian we can say that “ha fatto i conti senza l’oste” (he reckoned without his host) using a famous Italian idiomatic expression. The oste is the owner of an osteria, a typical Italian inn where people can drink a good glass […]


  Dear Students and dear Friends, We never leave you alone! We are so happy to invite you all to our third Flamenco and Spanish Meet-Up. It is a great opportunity to practice your Spanish in a relaxing atmosphere while dancing and enjoying some free drinks. As usual you will have the chance to meet old and new […]

CILS Exam C1 and C2 – Listening Section

The CILS Exam is structured in order to test the Italian language level of competence and is internationally recognised. You can read more about it here. In the CILS Exam C1 and C2 candidates have to face a complex test. Let’s start focusing on the Listening Section! In C1 and C2 this part lasts around […]

What Antonio thinks about his DITALS preparation course

  One of our DITALS Course attendees, Antonio Galati, spent some time telling us about his point of view regarding the course and its preparation. Enjoy this nice interview to discover his thoughts!   Tell us about your education and previous work experience. I graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Salento. I spent 5 […]

What Tener Un Humor De Perros Means in Spanish

“Tener un humor de perros” is a nice Spanish idiomatic expression which can be literally translated with “to have the mood of dogs” and means “to be in a bad mood“. So when you are having a bad day and you are not very keen to talk, now you know how to discourage people in […]

“El Día de Los Muertos”: a Fascinating Mexican Tradition

“El Día de los Muertos” (“the Day of the Dead”) is an important Mexican holiday which it is celebrated every year on the first two days of November. These days are dedicated to the commemoration of  deceased family members, children in the first day and adults in the second. This holiday comes from ancestral pre-Columbian rituals which turned […]

Spanish Film Forum and Language MeetUp

Dear HAPPY Students and HAPPY Friends, We are so glad to invite you to our third Spanish Film Forum. It is a great opportunity to discover something more about Spanish Cinema and Spanish culture in general. Here you can find some pictures from last year FILM FORUM. Programme: 6.30pm-7.00pm Welcoming guests with a complementary drink. 7.00pm-7.10pm Short […]

How to Face the Speaking Part of the CILS Exam B1 and B2

The CILS exam is a great challenge to get the certification released by the University for Foreigners of Siena, which is valid all over the world to attest your Italian level of competence. Have a look at the exam structure here. One of the most challenging sections of the exam is definitely the Speaking Part: let’s see […]

Best Italian Restaurants in London: a Real Italian Experience

Hanging around London we noticed that the number of Italian restaurants is constantly increasing and there is a wide choice of fantastic places to try the authentic Italian cuisine. We particularly enjoyed 5 of them that show distinctive regional features and offer a fantastic taste experience. Let’s have a look! Li Veli – situated in Covent […]