Italian Beginner 2 (15 hours of frontal lessons)


 Week  Contents
Week 1 Revision of Present Tense and definitive articles
Week 2 How to describe a Flat, revision of indefinite articles and irregular verbs (essere, avere, andare, venire, fare)
Week 3 Talking about leisure time and how often you do something.Reflexive verbs and adverbs of frequency (spesso, mai, sempre, qualche volta). The days of the week.
Week 4 Introduction of possessive adjectives. Talking and writing about your typical day.
Week 5 Talking about family and asking information about someone else’s family. Possessive adjectives with noun of family; numbers up to 1000; c’è/ci sono (there is/there are).
Week 6 Talking about your Spare Time. Modal Verbs (Potere, Volere, Dovere)
Week 7 Expressing like and dislike
Week 8 Describing a place; talking about means of transport; present continuous (stare+gerundio).
Week 9 Asking and giving directions; asking and giving timetable information. Function “Quanto tempo ci vuole?” (How long does it takes?). Use of “ci” as a pronoun.
Week 10 Giving and asking suggestions about holidays. Informal imperative. Questo and quello (this and that)