All You Should Know About Truffle

Everybody knows that truffles are among the most expensive food on earth. In Marche you have the chance to try them without pawning the family silver. Among the various species of tartufi found in this region, only two are worth killing fo , the white truffle or tartufo bianco and the refined black truffle or […]


Are you English or Italian coffee?

In Italy, when you say “a coffee, please” you mean exclusively Espresso: a short one with an intense flavour. Venice was the first Italian city to appreciate coffee and to have public spaces where it could be enjoyed. Over the time, Italy has become the official ambassador of the Espresso philosophy. Nowadays, coffee has become almost […]

Learn Italian in Verona

Things to do in Verona

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” If you’re a Shakespeare’s lover, you definitely have to visit Verona! It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will fall in love with its gardens, its ancient walls, its Arena, and, of course, the famous Juliet balcony! After a good typical Italian breakfast, usually a […]

Italian Aperitivo

HAPPY Hour Italian Aperitivo

Dear Happy Students, Autumn is coming and we would like to have the chance to spend some lovely time with all of you with a real special event: Italian Aperitivo in a superb Italian Venue: Caterina 55 Friday 9th October 2015 from 6.00 pm till late we will be at Caterina 55, so don’t miss the opportunity […]

tortilla recipe

Tortilla Recipe

Have you ever heard about tortilla? I guess you have, but what you have to know is that “tortilla” has two different meanings, and the one you know is probably the South American one, which is the pancake where wrapped with different kind of meat, salad, tomatoes and whatever you prefer to add. Well, what […]


The Five Senses of Coffee

1. SMELL: The first aroma is released when the coffee is around 80°C and is mixed to allow the perfume, exceeding the layer of cream. There are fresh and light notes of flowers and fruits, and jasmine almond. The second aroma comes after tasting, when you can perceive aromas  more determined such as butter, freshly baked […]


Discover Argentina

The Spanish thought that in the southern zone of South America there was a lot of silver, called “argento”. From that comes the name of the biggest country of Latin America, Argentina. Half of its population lives in Buenos Aires and its province, together with the big estuary of the Río de la Plata. Buenos […]

Cuba Trinidad

Discover Cuba

If you have two weeks off and you want to spend some time sunbathing and in a wonderful beach, but you still don’t want to loose the opportunity to get in touch with a new culture, you should definitely visit Cuba! Despite its political problems and its economical disadvantages, you will meet amazing people, always […]


Discover Andalusia

You have probably heard about Madrid, capital of the movida, with its majestic and colourful squares and streets; you know everything about Barcelona, the postmodern city where lots of artists live and where you can both climb a mountain and go to the beach. We will then talk about a particular region, Andalucía, which is […]

Italian Classes London

What’s Behind Happy Languages

Our School Director and some members of our team have been interviewed by some blogs! Take a look at them: is a website that collects tips, lessons, information and curiosities about the Italian language and culture. It is a great resource for those who want to learn Italian! Its collaborators are professional Italian teachers, […]