Milan Fashion Week

Italian Fashion

Italy is probably the most fashion-obsessed country in all Europe, if not even all around the world. Everybody is very focused on clothes, shoes and accessories. They must be the right ones according to different occasions, places and even moods. If Eve were Italian, surely it would have taken her quite a lot of time […]


We are now

We are now… 1000! That video is for all of you guys! THANK YOU!!!

Spanish Courses London

Students Talking Time

Why do we study a foreign language? There is a million answer to this question but in the end the main reason is always the same: we want to speak with people from different countries. To be able to speak in another language we need to practise, train ourselves making up dialogues, pretending to be […]


HAPPY Spanish Party

Dear Happy Community, We would like to invite all of you at our amazing HAPPY Spanish Party!!! It will host by a famous Spanish venue “El Camino”, King’s Cross St. Pancras, 20th July 2014, at 6.30 pm. It’s a perfect chance to taste great Camino’s Tapas, drinking a glass of Sangria, surrounded by a lively […]

teach italian

Certification to teach Italian

This is the most frequent question when talking about Italian teaching. There is not a right answer. It depends on you. It depends on which kind of teacher you want to be and on what do you expect a teacher is. Please take the time to think about the languages teachers you have had in […]

social networks and languages

Learning and Teaching With Comics

Comic has always been perceived as a minor art, relegated to an audience of children; it has reached its fullest maturity only in the last mid century, has freed himself of the adjective “childhood” achieving the “adult world” and becoming an absolutely original and widespread form of communication. What distinguishes comic from the other arts […]

social networks and languages

How to Use Social Networks in Teaching

Social networks are increasingly become an important and powerful mean of mass communication, that allows free circulation of ideas and information at all levels. A phenomenon whose potential and perspective are constantly expanding and updating, and whose characteristic feature is a structure based on participation and collaboration between users, uptaking these instruments as aggregation and […]

interlingua italian

Interlingua in Italian as Foreign Language

The concept of Interlingua was introduced in glottodidactics in the seventies by Selinker. By this concept the attention to glottodidactics moved from the departure language and target language to the temporary language used by students during their learning process, focusing more on the path than on the arrival point. For a thorough dissertation of the […]


HAPPY Summer Party

Dear Students and Friends, This is the best time of the year in London with such a lovely weather is so nice spending a night out with your friends. That’s why we want you at our HAPPY Summer Party at Caffeina, a brand new Italian venue in Tower Hill. As usual you will have the […]

totò caffè

Coffee and Stereotypes in Italy

One of the stereotypes about Italians is that “they can’t live without coffee!”. As a matter of fact… That is totally true! But how many different types are there? Those who have been in Italy at least once, must have surely noticed that there are dozens of different coffees! Not only because they have the […]