Italian Lessons London

Seminario per insegnanti di italiano L2/LS: Nessun’altra occasione persa!

Happy Languages è lieta di annunciare il prossimo seminario per insegnanti di Italiano L2/LS che si terrà a Morano Calabro (CS) presso il Sant’Andrea Bedandbreakfast. Dal 27 dicembre al 29 dicembre, 10.00 – 18.00. Sarà un’occasione per confrontarci sui quotidiani problemi della didattica, per lasciare il passato alle spalle e guardare al futuro. Programma: Ampia Presentazione, […]

Morano Calabro

Morano – Calabria

An intense contact with nature, an itinerary in the antiquity and authenticity, away from the stress of daily life and he mass tourism: this is Morano. Morano is one of the most characteristics and picturesque centres of Calabrian, situated in the Parco Nazionale del Pollino. The village rise up 700metres of altitude and is surrounded […]

Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas

Let ‘s practice Spanish! Discover a new language, Meet new people, Have fun. We are proud to announce our second Spanish Tapas night at Camino. Taste some authentic Spanish Tapas and delicious Spanish wine and, of course,  practice your language skills! Come along and join us, To book your place just follow this link […]

Pizza tasting

Pizza Tasting and Language Meetup

We’re proud to introduce our next event: Italian Pizza tasting and language meetup. We will introduce you a huge variety of authentic Italian Pizzas and Italian beers. Is time to practice what you have learnt so far or to fall in love with a new language…so, get ready after dinner we will be involved in […]

learn abroad

Travelling to Spain

This is a space to share travelling experience in Spain: places to visit, bars, restaurants and everything you need to make the most of your trip across Spain.

learn abroad

Travelling to Italy

This is a space to share travelling experience in Italy: places to visit, bars, restaurants and everything you need to make the most of your trip across Italy.


Italian and Spanish Wine Tasting

Passionate about wines? Come and discover with Happy Languages a vibrant “Wine Testing Experience”. Drinking wine is a multi-sensory experience and a wine expert will guide us through this experience presenting Italian and Spanish wines… Don’t miss the chance to make new friends, practise your language skills, learn something new, laugh a lot…we are Happy […]

Italian Coffee Meetup

Italian Coffee Meet Up

Would you fancy Italian coffee? Are you happy just surrounded by people? If so, join us Saturday 21st of September at 3.00 pm to enjoy an authentic coffee and have a chat in Italian Talk it! Live it! Fazenda Cafè Leyden St E1 7LE London

Italian Aperitivo

Italian Aperitivo Al Volo

Got your attention didn’t we? Great! Well join us for some wine tasting, and of course, we’ll be talking only in Italian & Spanish. Learn & Drink – what more could you want?