Spanish Drinks

Be Careful With Agua de Valencia

Many tourists think that Agua de Valencia is tap water that you can find in the several fountains spread all around the city… But are you sure that under the hot sun of Valencia you feel like drinking tap water? According to the popular history, some Basques travellers asked for ‘Agua de Bilbao‘, referring to the best […]

Peppe Voltarelli

A night with Peppe Voltarelli at Happy Languages

On April 6th, at the Aldgate Tower, in the City of London, Happy Languages hosted the concert of Peppe Voltarelli, a famous Italian songwriter from Calabria. It has been an exciting evening where music, interviews and stories found their right place and time. The lovely atmosphere of the Aldgate Tower where the language school Happy Languages has its […]

Emilia Romagna Italy's kitchen

Emilia Romagna, Italy’s kitchen

Once somebody said “If Italy was a house, Emilia-Romagna would be surely its kitchen.” – if you ask Italians they will agree with this statement, in particular if they were born and raised there! (As the author of this post, of course) Emilia – Romagna is so rich in gastronomy that each city has its […]

Peppe Voltarelli

Peppe Voltarelli

Peppe Voltarelli is an incredible Italian musician, a talented artist known for his music, his scenic capacities and his social engagement. Thanks to his music he is the symbol of the Italian immigration abroad: his style is folk-rock, and  you can find a lot of references to the most famous Italian singer-songwriters in his music, […]

Machu Picchu Peru

Discover Perù

Perú is one of the few Latin American countries where the indigenous population is the majority. The 45% of the population is Amerindian, while only the 15% is European. The mayor Amerindian group is formed by the quechuas, named after the quachua language which was the one used in the Inca empire. More than 10 […]


Cagliari: a place to be

Cagliari is the biggest city of Sardinia, with a metropolitan area of about half a million inhabitants. The city region of the island has a soul made of a millenary history, culture, nature, beach tourism and night life, an attractive mix that surely will fascinate you. What to see Cagliari is a city rich in culture, so there’s […]


Traditional Spanish Drinks

Most of the non-alcoholic drinks common in Spain are the same of other countries: soft drinks, juices, and, of course, water. But others are characteristic: they drink granizado, which is a drink in the middle between an orange juice and an orange ice-lolly, or a lemon juice and a lemon ice-lolly, or a coffee and […]

italian youtubers

Italian Youtubers – Top Five

A video from our YOUTUBE Channel: Nowadays we can find every sort of videoclip on the YouTube platform, from music, documentaries and sport videos, to a brand new kind of “talk show” made by the so-called Youtubers. The Youtubers are generally young people who have something interesting to say about different topics and want to share […]


Hispanic Dances

The Hispanic dances are innumerable. Tango, salsa and merengue are the ones which had the strongest cultural impact inside and outside the Hispanic world. Why the Argentinian tango is such an aggressive and sensual dance? When Argentina was a country of immigrants, there was a disproportion between men and women. In Buenos Aires there were less […]

Learn Italian in Sicily

Discovering Palermo

As you know, Italy has a lot of touristic attractions. Rome, Venice, Florence, all cities full of wonders and rich of history, but Italy is not just this. There are a lot of other beautiful places, suitable for people who prefer the contact with nature or a different approach to the Italian culture and traditions. One […]

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