what mutual intelligibility means

Mutual Intelligibility

Have you ever heard what mutual intelligibility is? Is it possible to read Italian, Spanish or Portuguese news papers if you don’t know these languages? Or to understand the indications received from a Spanish in Madrid or give information to a Romanian in Paris, speaking each one their own language? The answer is yes, it […]

how to translate a poem

How to Translate a Poem

What’s the first thing to do before ing to translate a poem? As Enigma sings, before you start to translate a poem: “Turn off the light, take a deep breath and relax” Poetry translation is often considered an insuperable challenge. Roman Jakobson said that poetry is the only (linguistic) untranslatable literary genre, because of the […]

how to choose a textbook

How to Choose the Right Textbook

How do you choose a textbook for your students? When you constantly focus on how to improve your teaching skills and how to choose an interesting textbook you should always keep up to date. That means that you have to get ready to change everything in your teacher’s practices, including the material you use. Textbooks […]


Italian HAPPY Spring Aperitivo

Italian HAPPY Spring Aperitivo Dear Happy Students, Spring is in the air and we would like to have the pleasure to celebrate the Happy Spring with you! Sunday 23rd March 2014 from 5.00 pm we will be at Ristorante Fratelli La Bufala, so don’t miss out the opportunity to taste the best authentic Italian dishes prepared […]

the importance of students'feedback

Should I Ask a Feedback to my Students?

Needless to say that the student’s feedback is essential. Teachers can receive the student’s feedback in many ways. During a course they always pick feedbacks up. In some case they just need to watch their students’ facial expression. In others they clearly ask them. What we wonder is where the need of a feedback comes […]

discover the european profiling grid tfor eachers

What is the European Profiling Grid for Teachers?

Do you know what the European Profiling Grid for Teachers is? During one of the teacher trainer courses held by the Università per Stranieri di Siena, among many other topics we discussed the European Profiling Grid for Teachers’evaluation. We came back to our job and we are still focusing on the “eGRID”: training and qualifications, […]

Inma Chacón

Mi Historia – Mi Literatura

Wednesday, March 12th, Bologna opens its doors to the Spanish writer Inma Chacón, invited by Hispania association. Happy Languages will be there as commercial partner, and with our collaborator Francesca Costante as one of the speakers. Inma Chacón is professor of Documentation at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. She started writing after the death […]

what a bad lesson means

How Can I Know If a Lesson Was a Bad Lesson?

What makes a lesson a bad lesson? A few days ago a teacher asked on a forum how do we know if a lesson is a good or a bad lesson. That’s the typical question we ask each other at the end of the day when we compare our lesson’s content, the material we used, […]

cambiare tutto


Cambiare tutto è un film documentario in cui si conosceranno le storie di diversi ragazzi che vivono a Londra per studio o per lavoro. Quali sono i motivi che spingono un giovane ad andare a Londra? Con quale occhio vengono visti i ragazzi italiani dai ragazzi londinesi? Quali i pro e quali i contro nell’affrontare […]


Language Meetup

Dear Happy Languages‘ Student is time to practice what you have learned so far and meet new friends from all over the world. That ‘s why we are inviting you to our first Language Meet Up at Salvador and Amanda Bloomsbury, just in front of our school. Nice People, Drinks, Spanish Food, Music and more…   £1 […]