Italian Elementary 2 (15 hours of frontal lessons)


 Week  Contents
Week 1 Describing a house. Reading and writing an estate ad; talking about furniture; expressing doubts, possibilities. Present conditional.
Week 2 Expressing opinions about renting and buying house. Working on present conditional.
Week 3 Asking and saying How are you. Talking about your health condition; asking and giving information about medicines. Impersonal construction; formal imperative; parts of the body.
Week 4 Expressing feelings and moods; giving and asking suggestions. Direct pronouns with formal imperative. Filling words: allora and insomma.
Week 5 Talking about the weather and future actions; impersonal verbs (piovere, nevicare); future tense.
Week 6 Talking about holidays. Make hypothesis; working on future tense. Vocabulary of holidays and travel.
Week 7 Talking about a past travel and habitual actions in the past. Passato prossimo with modal verbs. Differences between sapere and conoscere. Vocabulary of leisure time and places for holiday.
Week 8 Talking about consecutive actions in the past and how to put an action in the past. Differences between passato prossimo and imperfetto; adverbs in -mente; filling words però, appena, perchè.Vocabulary of love.
Week 9 Expressing preferences; expressing opinions, how to find an agreement, making invitations, accepting and refusing invitations. Conjunction “se”; use of adverb “mica”; uses of the personal pronoun after the verb.
Week 10 Revision. Talking about books, music and movies. Indefinite adjectives: qualche, qualcuno, qualcosa, nessuno. Relative pronoun “cui”.