Italian Beginner 3 (15 hours of frontal lessons)

Week Contents
1 Revision of Informal Imperative and C’è/Ci sono. Giving advice about a perfect Holiday.
2 Direct Pronouns and ‘questo e quello’. Describing objects
3 Mi piace/ Mi piacciono express likes and dislikes. Revision of Direct pronouns and introduction of Indirect pronouns.
4 Revision of Indirect pronouns and Combined preposition (preposition plus articles)
5 Introduction of Passato Prossimo, talking about past events.
6 Working on Passato Prossimo
7 Reading an Italian Newspaper – Passato Prossimo with ‘essere’ and ‘avere’
8 Passato prossimo of Reflexive verbs.
9 Passato Prossimo and Direct Pronouns
10 Revision with games and activities.