Italian Elementary 3 (15 hours of frontal lessons)

Week Contents
1 Reading a mail. Passato Prossimo and Future Tense. Use of Prepositions with Cities, Regions and Countries.
2 Reading a Newspaper. Passato Prossimo with Direct Pronouns. Enrolling in a Language School or in a Sport Centre.
3 How to rent a Car. Present Conditional.
4 Formal Letter for complains. Groceries shopping. Combined Prepositions.
5 Reading a Newspaper. Finding an agreement and making a claim
6  Words formation: verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
7 How to describe a house. Reading and writing a biography.
8 Reading a Newspaper. Some Italian Expressions: Mettersi nei panni di, Rimanere secchi, Mandare Avanti. Words ending in –accio.
9 Reading a Newspaper. Direct and Indirect Pronouns. Giving and asking Directions. Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto.
10 Revision.