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Italian Intermediate 1 (15 hours of frontal lessons)

 Week  Contents
Week 1 Revision of A2 level.
Week 2 How to tell a story, how to collocate an action in the past. Revision of direct and indirect pronouns; past perfect (trapassato prossimo); adverb phrases: entro un’ora, in questo momento, tra un’ora, venti minuti fa. Reading an Italian newspaper.
Week 3 Talking about an unpleasant experience and writing a formal letter. Imperfetto, passato prossimo e trapassato prossimo and pronominal verbs with “ci” and “ne”.
Week 4 Talking about holidays and leisure time; nouns in -ismo; adjective in -ista. Differences between sapere and conoscere in the past tenses.
Week 5 How to express an opinion, agree and disagree. Talking about environment, ecology and consumption. Present subjunctive (congiuntivo presente).
Week 6 Talking about personal habits; how to express feelings, hopes, moods and wishes. Talking about food habits. Working on present subjunctive. Si impersonale with reflexives verbs.
Week 7 Talking about sport; expressing your own opinion. Differences between congiuntivo and indicativo and between congiuntivo and infinito; uses of conjunctions che and di.
Week 8 Talking about common mistakes in Italian; use of foreign words in Italian language. Interrogatives and relative pronoun chi.
Week 9 Formal and informal (dare del “tu” o del “Lei”); passive form con essere o venire
Week 10 Revision and conclusion