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Italian Intermediate 2 (20 hours of frontal lessons)

 Week  Contents
Week 1 Talking about Italian music. Gerundio presente and passato and uses of gerundio. Adjectives in -ale, -bile, -ico, -oso, -ario, -ese.
Week 2 Talking about Italian fashion and brands. Expressing an opinion in the past; relatives pronouns che, cui, quale. Congiuntivo imperfetto.
Week 3 Talking about Italian fashion stylist. Agreement of subjunctive with main clause at present tense or past tense.
Week 4 Talking about Italian food and recipes. Expressing an opinion referring to the past; reporting an opinion expressed in the past; how to summarise a text. The congiuntivo passato and agreement of subjunctive and main clause at present tense.
Week 5 Talking about religion. Expressing a consequence. Expressions: così come and talmente…che.
Week 6 Hypothesis real and possible situation; periodo ipotetico primo e secondo tipo (zero and type one conditional).
Week 7

Reading a novel. Reported speech with main clause at present or past tense.

Week 8 Talking about historical characters and how to read and write a biography. Expressions: senza + infinito, il cui. Uses of past participle.
Week 9 How to motivate an opinion and talking about someone else opinion. How to write an historical text. Compare and contrast between cultures. Uses of congiuntivo and indicativo with filling words.
Week 10 Revision and conclusion and uses of infinito passato and participio presente.