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Week Contents
1 Talking about Religion. How to express a consequence and how to make a comparison.
2 Talking about your personal relationship with faith. How to express a possibility. Uses of Congiuntivo Imperfetto in the hypothetical phrase.
3 Talking about past habits. Your preferred game as a child.
4 Indirect Speech in the past. Describing an old situation. Revision of hypothetical phrases (first and second type).
5 Reading a biography. Il cui Relative Pronoun.
6 How to write a biography. Uses of “Senza” plus infinitive, uses of past participle.
7 Reading and talking about a tragedy. Compound Words.
8 Differences between Anche Se, Sebbene, Nonostante, Malgrado. When to use the subjunctive.
9 Talking and Reading about Giuseppe Garibaldi. Present and Past Gerundio, Present and Past Infinitive,Present and Past Participle.
10 Course revision through games and activities.