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Italian Upper Intermediate 1 (20 hours of frontal lessons)


 Week  Contents
Week 1 Talking about stereotypes. Revision of Congiuntivo Imperfetto and Periodo Ipotetico della Possibilità.
Week 2 Talking about food and food habits. Indefinite Adjectives and Pronouns.
Week 3 Talking about the Italian food abroad. Taking part in a debate about the Italian food. Listening to a dialogue about famous Italian recipes.
Week 4 Talking about stereotypes. Impersonal forms of the verb (si spersonalizzante).
Week 5 Taking about language learning. Understanding information to be able to look up words in a dictionary.
Week 6 Talking about job. Subjunctive in relative clauses.
Week 7 Talking about job. Gerundio Presente. Expressing desires.
Week 8 Talking about historic facts. Passato Remoto.
Week 9 Talking about historic facts. Congiuntivo Trapassato and Periodo Ipotetico dell’Irrealtà. Connectives.
Week 10  Talking about the Italian language. Infinito Passato and Gerundio Passato. Revision.