Italian Upper Intermediate B2.2 (15 hours of frontal lesson)


  • report information and comment statistics
  • talk about an historical fact
  • discuss your opinion in an informal context
  • talk about your job
  • make a request and reply in a formal way
  • talk about a desire or an intention
  • exchange information and specific advice about your job
  • express emotions in different contexts
  • talk about yourself
  • describe someone’s appearance and personality
  • complain
  • interview someone


  • verbs with prepositions
  • indirect speech
  • use of conditional to talk about something uncertain
  • Indirect Interrogative Clauses
  • use of Congiuntivo in Relative Clauses
  • use of Congiuntivo with Relative Superlative
  • uses of Gerundio
  • masculine and feminine of job titles
  • verb Uscirsene
  • how to replace Se in If clauses
  • Periodo Ipotetico dell’Irrealtà
  • Come se and Senza che + Congiuntivo


  • media
  • statistics
  • news
  • TV programmes
  • jobs
  • skills
  • working from home
  • news about the job market
  • emotions
  • adjectives to describe emotions
  • adjectives to describe appearance and personality