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Spanish Elementary 2 (15 hours of frontal lessons)

Week Contents
1 REVIEW. INDIRECT VERBS. Refreshing Regular, Stem-Changing, Reflexive, and `Gustar´ and similar Verbs. Indirect Pronouns Uses and Placement: to you/him/her/us/them.Indirect Verbs: List and Examples. Practice: conjugation, conversation, translation, circle game by semantic groups.
2 MORE IRREGULAR VERBS. Irregular Verb by Categories. Phonetic and Orthographical Irregularities: -go, -j, -y, -z. Verbs completely irregulars: to know, hear, to smell. Practice: conjugation, conversation, guessing irregularities.
3 SABER VS CONOCER. VERB TO KNOW VS TO MEET. Differences between `Saber´and `Conocer´: meanings and uses. Distinguish by contexts and situations. Practice: Guessing between `saber´ and `conocer´, quiz, conversation.
4 PRESENT CONTINUOS I. Formation: Verb `Estar´+ Gerund in –ar and –er, -ir. Gerund Irregularities: dormir, poder, leer, ir. Activities: conjugation, describing actions, conversation, song: finding the infinitive.
5 PRESENT CONTINUOS II. Present Continuos Uses: differences between English and Spanish. Distinguishing between Present Simple and Present Continous. Activities: conjugation, describing actions, conversation, video: listening and comprehension.
6 PRESENT CONTINUOS III. Transforming Present Simple into Present Continuos. Present Continuos practice. Activities: conjugation, describing actions, conversation, song: listening, filling gaps.
7 PRESENT PERFECT I. RECENT PAST. Formation: Verb `Haber´+ Participle in –ar and –er, -ir. Use: talking about recent past. Activities: conjugation, describing actions, conversation, listening and comprehension.
8 PRESENT PERFECT II. EXPERIENCES. Irregular Participles Groups: end in –to and -cho. Use: talking about experience. Practice: conjugation, video I: understanding question and conversation.
9 PRESENT PERFECT III. ADVERBS. Adverbs Types and Placements. Uses: recent past and experience. Practice: conjugation, describing actions, video II: understanding question and conversation.
10 REVISION: Refreshing all content through activities.



Please Note:
At the beginning of each lesson we review, practice and consolidate previous knowledge.
This syllabus is illustrative. Depending on the group´s dynamic this content could be reduced or extended.