Spanish Intermediate 2 (15 hours of frontal lessons)

Week Contents
1 PAST REVIEW + VERBAL PERIPHRASIS I. Refreshing All Past Tenses. Review Activity: Choose between Present and different Past Tenses. Verbal Periphrasis Introduction: definition, rules, and structure. Activities: conjugation, translation and conversation, finding periphrasis, text and comprehension.
2  VERBAL PERIPHRASIS II. Review Activity: Superiority, Inferiority and Equality Comparisons. Periphrasis Types: verbs, preposition, tenses, and examples. Activities: conjugation, translation and conversation, rewritten with periphrasis, video: listening.
3  VERBAL PERIPHRASIS III. Review Activity: Verb with different meaning in Indefinite and Imperfect. Distinguishing Periphrasis Types and Uses. Activities: conjugation, translation and conversation, finding and rewritten with periphrasis, role game.
4  SIMPLE FUTURE I. Review Activity: Replacing Direct and Indirect Pronouns. Different forms for expressing Future. Simple Future Conjugation and Uses: Endings and Irregulars. Practice: conjugation, formulating questions and conversation, video: listening and future uses.
5  SIMPLE FUTURE II. Review Activity: Indefinite and Imperfect Continuous. Future Tense Uses: near and far future, intentions. Practice: conjugation, formulating questions and conversation, role game: guessing the future.
6  SIMPLE FUTURE III. Review Activity: Choose between `Por´ or `Para´. Future Tense Uses: doubts, suppositions, conditional, determinations. Activities: conjugation, formulating questions and conversation, role game.
7  SIMPLE CONDITIONAL I. Review Activity: Complete with Indefinite, Imperfect or Pluscuamperfect. Simple Conditional Conjugation and Uses: Endings, Irregulars, Wishes use. Practice: conjugation, text: identifying uses, conversation, video: listening, filling gaps, and guessing uses.
8  SIMPLE CONDITIONAL II. Review Activity: Complete with Indeterminate Adjectives. Conditional Use Practice: wishes and probability, politeness and invitation, suggestions and advice. Practice: conjugation, conversation, role game: giving advices according to different situations.
9  SIMPLE CONDITIONAL III. Review Activity: Complete with `Ser´ or `Estar´ in Indefinite or Imperfect. Conditional Use Practice: suggestions and advice, and past hypothesis. Practice: conjugation, conversation, presentation: expressing past hypothesis and reality.
10  REVISION: Refreshing all content through activities


Please Note:

At the beginning of each lesson we review, practice and consolidate previous knowledge.

This syllabus includes the minimum content. Depending on the group´s dynamic this content could be extended.