Italian Teacher Training Programme

Happy Languages offers an individual teacher training for those who want to start teaching Italian.

It is a great programme tailored on each trainee in order to improve knowledge and enhance specific skills.

The teacher training is structured as follows:

  • 15 hours of teaching assistance: the trainee observes a whole course held by and experienced Italian teacher and writes detailed reports after each lesson. Furthermore, the trainee has the chance to create teaching material and teach for about 10-15 minutes each lesson: the activity is previously prepared with the mentor and followed by a feedback.
  • 15 hours of teaching: the trainee prepares the lesson plan of the course producing some material as well, constantly supported by the mentor. After the preparation, he can teach autonomously; every single lesson is recorded and followed by the mentor’s feedback.

The teacher training programme is a great chance to acquire important skills and learn how to deliver a course and be able to manage the whole process, from planning to teaching.

In addition, it is a unique opportunity to learn how to manage space and time in a class in the most effective way.

The attentive supervision guides the trainee and help him work on his strengths and weaknesses through a thorough feedback in order to become a teaching professional.

The price for the full package is £1,500.

For further information and booking please contact us.