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Italian Beginner 1 (15 hours of frontal lessons)


Lesson 1 Greeting people; introducing yourself; asking the meaning and translation of a word through the function “Che cosa significa? Or Come si dice?”Numbers 1-30. Alphabet, pronunciation of “C” and “G”.
Lesson 2 Asking nationality and telephone number (informal). Numbers 1-100; asking and giving information about name, city and age (Informal). Present tense of essere and avere (to be, to have).
Lesson 3 Asking nationality and telephone number (Formal). Asking and giving information about name, city and age (Formal). Present tense of andare and venire (to go, to come).
Lesson 4 How to read a short Italian article. Nouns: gender and number (masculine, feminine, plural and singular), regular and few irregulars. Present tense of “andare” (to go).
Lesson 5 How to book a room in a hotel. Asking prices and directions; numbers 100-1000; adjectives of nationality; present tense of regular verbs (-are, -ere, -ire).Vocabulary of hotel.
Lesson 6 Revision of regular verbs and irregular verbs (essere, avere, andare). Asking and giving the time; introduction of definite and indefinite articles.Vocabulary revision.
Lesson 7 Ordering in a bar. Indefinite articles; vocabulary of food and bar. Phonetic “s+ci/ce and s+schi/sche”
Lesson 8 Talking about cinema, working places and professions. Present tense of verbs in -isco (capire, preferire, finire).
Lesson 9 Definite articles. Talking and writing about a movie.
Lesson 10 Revision