Why Taking Individual Italian Classes?

Are you wondering if taking Individual Italian Classes in London is worth? First of all, choosing Individual Italian Classes in London sort out quite a big problem: London is a chaotic city and the idea of reaching the opposite side of the city for a language course might let you down. Learning Italian in London […]

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Study Spanish in London and get ready for Tarifa

Do you want to study Spanish in London before leaving for Tarifa?  That would be a really good idea to get the most of your holiday: if you study Spanish in London and learn the foundations of the language, your time in Tarifa will be even more enjoyable. Tarifa is the southernmost town of Spain, […]

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What Tener Sangre Azul Means In Spanish

Have you just read the Spanish Idiom “Tener sangre azul”? If you came across this Spanish Idiom, it might be difficult to understand what it means. If you translate word by word, the result would be “to have blue blood“, which means “to be from a royal family, from the nobility“. In English we would […]


Happy Languages Backstage

A backstage always gives you the best idea of what lies behind the scenes. In this case, Happy Languages Backstage discloses the original idea and the way it shaped up with the precious help of some amazing professionals. It was just the beginning! Starting from his background and skills, the founder Paolo La Gamma accepted […]


Where Ferragosto Comes From

Have you ever heard of the Italian holiday named Ferragosto? Ferragosto is the most important summer holiday in Italy, celebrated on the 15th of August. But if you ask an Italian what they celebrate on that day, the answers could be different: an ancient Roman tradition, a religious holiday or the beginning of middle summer holidays. […]

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Video tutorial: How To Express Time in Spanish

Have you just started studying Spanish from scratch? If you are going through the basics, how to express time in Spanish is definitely one of the first topics to go through. In order to do that, this lovely video tutorial is perfect to see how it works in Spanish and how to say the time. […]

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Spanish Beginner 2 Course: What Will You Learn?

Do you want to learn Spanish in London and move to the next level? If you want to learn Spanish in London and you already studied the basics, our Evening Beginner 2 Course is the perfect one for you! This level is exactly what you need after the foundations: a course to revise and practice […]


Lampedusa: The Italian Southernmost Island

Last trace of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea before the African coasts, Lampedusa is the biggest of the Pelagie Islands, a small archipelago which includes Linosa and Lampione. Some scholars think that its name comes from the greek λέπας (lépas), which means “rock”, because of its rocky landscape, others from λαμπάς (lampás), “torch”, in relation to the […]

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What Sbarcare Il Lunario Means In Italian

Are you taking individual Italian classes in London and coming across lovely Italian idioms? Well, I bet your individual Italian classes in London are just amazing: going through the Italian language and culture exposes you to several expressions used in the everyday language. In Italy people love Idiomatic expressions: they summarize meanings that you can’t […]

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Discover Our Italian Intensive One-To-One Classes

If your goal is learning Italian London offers an amazing range of courses and solutions. If you are dreaming of learning Italian London is the place! But what if you need to focus on your Italian in one week just before leaving for Italy? Our intensive lessons are the perfect choice for you: blocks of […]