Discover Madrid

A surprising European capital where history, art, nightlife and food excellence merge to make a unique point of interest for Spain lovers: Madrid is a vibrant city to discover and enjoy all over the year. Great for a weekend with friend and family or as the first destination before heading to the coast, Madrid can […]

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What Dos Pájaros De Un Tiro Means In Spanish

Among the most popular Spanish idioms, have you got a rough idea of what “Dos pájaros de un tiro” means and how to use it? You probably heard this idiom when someone accomplished two things at once: the expressions means “to get two things done at once“, which is similar to the English “to hit […]

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Teaching Italian in Central Europe: Tips and Useful Advice

Where is a good place for teaching Italian in Central Europe? Are you browsing the map to decide where to go next? Well, the good news is that there is plenty of opportunities out there! Depending on your preferences and on the type of job experience you are looking for, you can select the best […]

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Italian Tuitions in London: One-to-One Classes

Are you looking for Italian tuitions in London? Not sure about what to expect from them? If you are too busy to commit for a regular course, one-to-one classes are ideal: at Happy Languages we offer different solutions to meet any specific needs. First of all, you can choose among a variety of lessons’ blocks […]

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Video Tutorial: How To Ask For Directions In Spanish

Are you ready for your holiday in Spain? Well, you will definitely need to know how to ask for directions in Spanish then! Watch this useful video tutorial to learn some questions and expressions and you won’t get lost! If you have any questions, comment this post.   

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What Non Ci Piove Means In Italian

Have you just come across “Non ci piove“, one of the most common Italian idioms? It is a very nice expression and I reckon you heard it at least once! The literal meaning of this idiom is “it doesn’t rain on it“, which is as to say “no doubts about it“: so we can use […]


Discover Granada: The Alhambra

If you are travelling to Andalusia in Spain, make some time to stop in the stunning Granada to discover one of the most famous attractions of the city: the Alhambra, an incredible fortress complex built by the Moorish monarchs of Granada. Alhambra means “The Red” and comes from the Arabic Qalʿat al-ḥamrāʾ, “The Red Fortress“: this […]

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Video Tutorial – Numbers 1-20

Are you taking Italian tuitions in London? Have a look at this lovely video tutorial from Happy Languages Youtube channel: a useful way to learn numbers 1-20 or to revise and practice if you just studied them! Any doubts? Leave a comment with your questions!    NUMBERS 1 UNO 2 DUE 3 TRE 4 […]

DITALS I: How to Choose The Learner Profile

Have you already chosen among the DITALS I learner profiles? As you probably know, this exam is structured on a specific learner profile which is related to teaching/learning context, student’s age and personal motivation. Here you have a list of all the profiles: if you specialize in a profile, you will be able to better […]


The Green Heart Of Italy: Discover Umbria

A little gem in the centre of Italy: Umbria is a region rich of beautiful untouched nature to explore and enchanting villages. Landlocked between Tuscany, Marche and Lazio, the so called “green heart of Italy” is one of the two Italian regions without coastline. Its size allows you to see it all in a short […]