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Italian courses London

Our New Italian Upper Intermediate 2 Course

Our Italian courses in London are about to start! Next week we will be back with our Italian courses in London at all levels. If you are looking for evening courses, browsing through our offer you will definitely find what you want. Either if you are a completely beginner or an advanced learner, we will […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Tirare Acqua Al Proprio Mulino Means In Italian

Tirare acqua al proprio mulino is an amazing Italian idiom to learn! If you heard someone using the expression “tirare acqua al proprio mulino“, understanding its meaning might have been a real challenge. Sometimes idioms are very figurative and translations don’t help much. Even though they are a complex part of the language, at Happy […]

San Sebastián Tamborrada

A Traditional Spanish Drum Parade: San Sebastián Tamborrada

The San Sebastián Tamborrada is an amazing Spanish tradition! On the 20th January at midnight the city of San Sebastián in Spain starts celebrating its patron with the most important drum festival in the whole country, the San Sebastián Tamborrada. Are you curious about what is behind this incredible event? In order to understand the origins of the […]

Learn Spanish in London

Why Learning Spanish Is A Great New Year’s Resolution

Do you want to learn Spanish in London? If your wish to learn Spanish in London, we believe that it can be your New Year’s Resolution. There are a number of reasons why you should take it into consideration. Apart from the interest that you have in the Spanish language, your goal can be really […]

Top 5 Spa In London

Discover Our Top 5 Spa In London

If you want to have a relaxing time, discover our Top 5 Spa in London! Our Top 5 Spa in London are a great choice to escape the chaos of the city and enjoy amazing atmospheres and fantastic treatments. Starting again after the Christmas break might be quite tough, especially if you are overloaded with […]

shopping in Spanish

Video Tutorial – Shopping In Spanish

How to go shopping in Spanish? Going shopping in Spanish is a huge goal. This video tutorial is exactly what you need to go through some useful phrases! When you go in a shop, the staff can ask: ¿Qué desea? –> What do you want? ¿Qué busca? –> What are you looking for? We can […]

Evening Italian Courses London

Start An Italian Upper Intermediate Course

Our Evening Italian Courses London are starting soon! If you are looking for Evening Italian Courses London, we are ready to restart. Our courses will be back from the 27th January for a new term. How to choose a course? It depends on how long you have been studying so far and the goals you […]


Top Ten Apps to Learn Spanish

Are you wondering how to learn and practice Spanish having fun? Have you ever tried apps? There are many fantastic apps to use and enjoy, discover our top ten! FluentU – Learn Spanish through a huge variety of authentic videos about different topics: each one comes with an interactive transcript so that you can tap […]


Veganuary: A Vegan-Friendly January

Do you want to detox after Christmas going for Veganuary? Veganuary is a very popular trend: a month of vegan diet, totally free from meat and dairy products. After all the food and drinks excesses, a plant-based diet is the perfect way to go back on track with an healthy lifestyle. And if you think […]

spanish idiom

What Ponerse Como Un Tomate Means In Spanish

Ponerse como un tomate is a lovely Spanish idiom to learn! Have you ever heard someone using the expression “ponerse como un tomate”? We found Spanish idioms always very nice and effective, so we believe it is important to learn some of the most common to be able to interact in a very spontaneous way […]

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