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Welcome to Happy Languages’ Italian grammar tips page! Learn more about the Italian grammar reading these simple explanations and useful examples.

Each grammar tip is classified by level, so it is really easy to find what you are looking for.

If you have any questions, write a comment in the grammar tip’s page and we will be happy to help you!


Level Topic See More
 A1  Numbers  Here
 A1  Articles  Here
 A1  Present Tense  Here
 A1  Reflexive Verbs  Here
 A1  Possessives  Here
 A1  Adverbs of Frequency  Here
 A1  Stare Plus Gerundio – Part One  Here
 A1  Stare Plus Gerundio – Part Two  Here
 A1  Informal Imperative  Here
 A1  Direct Pronouns with the Present Tense  Here
 A1  Indirect Pronouns  Here
 A1  Combined Prepositions  Here
 A1  Passato Prossimo  Here
 A1  Passato Prossimo With Direct Pronouns  Here
 A2  Qualifying Adjectives  Here
 A2  Imperfetto  Here
 A2  Present Conditional  Here
 A2  Future Tense Part One  Here
 A2  Future Tense Part Two  Here
 A2  Relative Pronouns  Here
 A2  Periodo Ipotetico – Zero Type  Here
 A2  Stare Per Plus Infinitive  Here
 A2  Combined Pronouns  Here
 A2  Demonstrative Adjectives  Here
 A2  Imperativo Informale with Pronouns  Here
 A2  Superlative Adjectives  Here
 A2  Differences Between Sapere And Conoscere  Here
 A2  Nomi Alterati Part 1  Here
 B1  “Che” Conjunction and “Che” Relative Pronoun  Here
 B1  Trapassato Prossimo  Here
 B1  Formal Imperative  Here
 B1  Congiuntivo Presente – Will and Desire  Here
 B1  Congiuntivo Presente – Hope and Fear  Here
 B1  Congiuntivo Presente – Impersonal Constructions  Here
 B1  Congiuntivo Presente – Qualified Person Wanted  Here
 B1  Congiuntivo Presente – Conjunctions  Here
 B1  Forma Passiva  Here
 B1/B2  Indefinite Adjectives Part 1  Here
 B1/B2  Indefinite Adjectives Part 2  Here
 B1/B2 Indefinite Adjectives Part 3  Here
 B1/B2 Indefinite Adjectives Part 4  Here
 B1/B2  Congiuntivo Imperfetto – Part One  Here
 B1/B2  Congiuntivo Passato  Here
 B1/B2  Congiuntivo Trapassato  Here
 B2  Periodo Ipotetico – Possibilità  Here
 B2  Periodo Ipotetico – Unreality in Italian  Here
 B2  The Position of Qualifying Adjectives  Here
 B2  Passato Remoto  Here
 B2  Gerundio Presente  Here
 B2  Gerundio Passato  Here
 B2  Si Spersonalizzante  Here
 B2  Condizionale Passato – Futuro nel Passato  Here
 B2  Futuro Anteriore  Here
 B2/C1  Fare + Infinito  Here
 C1  Infinito Part 1  Here
 C1  Infinito Part 2  Here

Italian Quiz

Welcome to Happy Languages Quiz Page. Take your time and test your proficiency about Italian grammar and Italian culture, then share your score with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Have Fun!


Level Topic See More
A1 Beginner Level Test Here
A1 Introducing Yourself in Italian Here
A1 Singolare Plurale Here
A1 Italian Numbers Here
A1 Italian Numbers Beyond 100 Here 
A1 Present Tense Here
A1 Articoli Determinativi Here
A1 Stare Plus Gerundio Part One Here
A1 Stare Plus Gerundio Part Two Here
A1 Cloze Italian Articles 1 Here
A1 Cloze Italian Articles 2 Here
A1 Asking Directions in Italian Here
A1 Reading Comprehension Rome Airport Here
A1 How to ask for Time in Italian Here
A1 Room Booking in Italian Here
A1 Reading Comprehension Here
A1 Cloze Present Tense 1 Here
A1 Cloze Present Tense 2 Here
A1 How to order at the Bar Here
A1 Ordering at the Restaurant Here
A1 Possessivi Riflessivi Here
A1 Christmas Gift Here
A1 Imperative Here
A1 Preposizioni Articolate Here
A1 Present Continuous Here
A1 Passato Prossimo Here
A1 Passato Prossimo with Direct Pronouns Here

Level Topic See More
A2 Elementary Level Test Here
A2 Italian Fashion 70’s Here
A2 Italian Fashion 80’s Here
A2 Pronomi Combinati Here
A2 Passato Prossimo o Imperfetto Here
A2 Cloze Past Tense Here
A2 Demonstrative Adjectives Here
A2 Imperativo Informale with Pronouns Here
A2 Superlative Adjectives Here
A2 Stare Per Plus Infinitive Here
A2 Differences Between Sapere And Conoscere Here
A2 Future Tense in Italian Here
A2 Nomi Alterati Part 1 Here
A2 At The Sport Centre Here
A2 Ordering at the Supermarket in Italian Here
A2 At the Travel Agency Here
A2 Enrolling in a Language School Here
A2 At The Mechanic Here
A2 The Part of the House Here
A2 At the Pharmacy Here
A2 Breakdown Recovery Here
A2 Apply for Visa Here
A2 Reading Comprehension Here
A2 Reading Comprehension Here


Level Topic See More
B1 Intermediate Level Test Here
B1 Congiuntivo Here
B1 Pronomi Relativi Here
B1 Job Interview Here
B1 Commercial Comprehension – Pennello Cinghiale Here
B1 Commercial Comprehension – Kimbo Coffè Here
B1 Commercial Comprehension – Baci Perugina Here
B1 Commercial Comprehension – Barilla Here
B1 Movie Comprehension – Malena Here
B1 Movie Comprehension – La Vita è Bella Here
B1 Movie Comprehension – Santa Maradona Here
B1/B2 Indefinite Adjectives Part 1 Here
B1/B2 Indefinite Adjectives Part 2 Here
B1/B2 Indefinite Adjectives Part 3 Here
B1/B2 Indefinite Adjectives Part 4 Here
B1/B2 Tempi del Congiuntivo Here

Level Topic See More
B2 Guess About Cocktails Here
B2 If Clauses Here
B2 Passato Remoto Here
B2 Gerundio, Participio o Infinito? Here
B2 Gerundio Passato, Infinito Passato o Participio Passato? Here
B2 Si Spersonalizzante Here
B2 Condizionale Passato – Futuro Nel Passato Here
B2 Italian Geography Here
B2 Italian Language History Here
B2 Italia Cinema Here
B2 Italian Carnival Here
B2 Movie Comprehension – Caro Diario Here
B2/C1 Capodanno Here
B2/C1 Uses Uf Fare Here
C1 Italian Infinitive Part 1 Here

Italian Idiomatic Expressions

Level Expression See More
B1 Apriti Cielo Here
B1 Chi S’è Visto S’è Visto Here
B1 Non Sia Mai! Here
B1 Fare i Conti Senza l’Oste Here
B1 Avere La Coda Di Paglia Here
B1 Stare Con Le Mani In Mano Here
B1 Tutto Fa Brodo Here
B1 L’Abito Non Fa Il Monaco Here
B1 Avere Un Diavolo Per Capello Here
B1 Non Ci Piove Here
B1 Essere Al Verde Here
B1 Cogliere Con Le Mani Nel Sacco Here
B1 Fare Il Chilo Here
B1 Arrampicarsi Sugli Specchi Here
B1 Avere La Testa Fra Le Nuvole Here
B1 Quando Il Gatto Non C’è, I Topi Ballano Here
B2 Tagliare La Testa Al Toro Here
B2 Sbarcare Il Lunario Here
B2 Non Avere Peli Sulla Lingua Here
B2 Avere La Botte Piena e La Moglie Ubriaca Here
B2 Avere Le Braccine Corte Here
B2 Il Lupo Perde Il Pelo Ma Non Il Vizio Here
B2 Piangere Sul Latte Versato Here
B2 A Caval Donato Non Si Guarda In Bocca Here
B2 Abbiamo Fatto 30, Facciamo Anche 31 Here
B2 Mettere Il Dito Nella Piaga Here
B2 Non Dire Gatto Se Non Ce L’Hai Nel Sacco Here
B2 Chi Nasce Tondo Non Può Morire Quadrato Here
B2 Chi Fa Da Sé Fa Per Tre Here
B2 Chiodo Scaccia Chiodo Here
B2 L’Erba Del Vicino È Sempre Più Verde Here
B2 Fare Il Passo Più Lungo Più Lungo Della Gamba Here
B2 Non Tutto Il Male Viene Per Nuocere Here
B2 Restare A Bocca Asciutta Here
C1 Prendere Lucciole Per Lanterne Here
C1 Prendere Il Toro Per Le Corna Here
C1 Tirare Acqua Al Proprio Mulino Here
C1 Salvarsi In Calcio D’Angolo Here

Italian Lessons

Level Topic See More
A1/A2 Recipe/Imperative Here
A1/A2 Family, Physical and Psychological description. Present Tense Here
A2/B1 Reading a newspaper. Passato Prossimo, passive form. Here
B1 Family, Physical and Psychological description, Chi Pronoun Here
B1 Women at Work. Direct and indirect pronouns. Here
B1 Bookcrossing Relative Pronoun “Che” Here
B1 Family and Emigration. Future Tense Here
B1/B2 Talking about childhood. Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto Here
B1/B2 International Food Habits and Frasi Finali Implicite Here
B2 School Experience. Past Tense: Imperfetto, Passato Prossimo, Passato Remoto. Here
B2 Italian Food. Ne Pronoun Here
B2/C1 The sea in literature. Superlativo Relativo Here
C1 How to become an actor. Che pronoun and che conjunction Here
C1/C2 The theme of travel in literature. Uses of ne. Here

Italian Video Tutorials

Level Topic See More
A1 Introducing Yourself in Italian Here
A1 Italian Articles Here
A1 Italian Pronunciation Here
A1 Numbers 1 to 20 Here
A1 Numbers 20 to 100 Here
A1 Weekdays, months and seasons in Italian Here
A1 Booking a Room in a Hotel Here
A1 Some Italian Vocabulary Here
A1 Ordering Coffee In Italian Here
A1 Differences between Tu and Lei Here
A1 Asking For Directions In Italian Here
A2 Ordering in a Restaurant in Italian Here
A2 Shopping In Italian Here
A2 Formal and Informal Imperative in Italian Here
A2 Difference Between Passato Prossimo And Imperfetto Here
A2 Uses Of Future Tense Here
B1 Italian Gestures Here
B1 Uses of Conditional in Italian Here
B1 Uses of Congiuntivo in Italian Here
B2 Passato Prossimo and Passato Remoto Here


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