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Italian Teacher Webinar – 27th November 2020

Ready for a new webinar about the CILS B1 cittadinanza exam? The CILS B1 cittadinanza exam is a relatively new exam, created by the University for Foreigners of Siena in 2019 after an important change about the requirements to apply for the Italian citizenship. In June we did a webinar for Italian teachers about some […]

Italian Teacher Webinar

Italian Teacher Webinar – 6th June 2020

A fantastic Italian teacher webinar about CILS B1 Cittadinanza! Our Italian teacher webinar in collaboration with Ornimi Editions took place on the 6th June 2020. Ornimi Editions is a publishing house specialised in textbooks of Italian as a foreign language. As more and more students take the CILS B1 Cittadinanza exam in order to apply […]

Italian Teacher Workshop

Space Management in Language Teaching

In modern language teaching one of the most important aspects which teachers must consider is the space management. Space management is not only related with the simple arrangement of the students (in a semicircle, small groups), but also to the way the students occupy the space during our activities. If we assume that our students […]

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Italian is not for me

JOIN OUR WORKSHOP IN MILANO Be creative! Being creative also means proposing different options for the language learning to facilitate the different learning styles of the students and trying to keep a high level of motivation. To be creative we need to be conscious of what is around us, being curious, and in the Web 2.0 […]

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Textbook Simplification

JOIN OUR WORKSHOP IN MILANO The annual report about foreign citizenship students, issued by the Italian Minister of Education (MIUR), challenges us to think about the real possibility of educational success for immigrants. Reading the data, we find out that in 2013/2014, only 90,6% of foreign students in Secondary school have passed the year, while this […]

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How To Become an Italian Teacher

In recent years the interest in the Italian language has grown considerably. A recent research said that Italian is the language most chosen as fourth language to be studied globally. Along with the request to study Italian is also growing the offer of Italian teachers. Many write to us asking what they need to do […]

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Good Reasons to Become an Italian Teacher

Why should you become a teacher of Italian as second language? So many answers to this question! First of all you do it for pure passion. Passion for your country, your traditions, your history and, of course, your language! A language is something real, alive, that changes with every single person who uses it and […]

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Students Talking Time

Why do we study a foreign language? There is a million answer to this question but in the end the main reason is always the same: we want to speak with people from different countries. To be able to speak in another language we need to practise, train ourselves making up dialogues, pretending to be […]

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Certification to teach Italian

This is the most frequent question when talking about Italian teaching. There is not a right answer. It depends on you. It depends on which kind of teacher you want to be and on what do you expect a teacher is. Please take the time to think about the languages teachers you have had in […]

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Learning and Teaching With Comics

Comic has always been perceived as a minor art, relegated to an audience of children; it has reached its fullest maturity only in the last mid century, has freed himself of the adjective “childhood” achieving the “adult world” and becoming an absolutely original and widespread form of communication. What distinguishes comic from the other arts […]