Italian Courses in London by experts

Top Italian Holidays Words

Taking Italian courses in London by experts? In summer Italian courses in London by experts are focused on some useful holidays vocabulary. As you might have noticed, sometimes the simplest words are the most difficult if we have never come across them. And travelling to Italy is always a great challenge! We are pretty sure […]

Two months classes for Italian

Discover Our Italian Beginner 1 Course From September

Can’t wait to start two months classes for Italian in September? At Happy Languages we have great two months classes for Italian starting from the 23rd September. In that week all our courses will restart after the summer break and we will be happy to welcome you! As we offer a number of different courses, […]

Italian Crash Course in London

Italian Crash Course In London

Choosing an Italian Crash Course in London is a great idea! Our Italian Crash Course in London is a very popular course among those who want to start learning Italian. The main reason why students choose it is that it takes place over a weekend. This means that it does not affect your weekly schedule. […]

short term Italian classes in London

Discover Our Short Italian Summer Courses

Looking for short term Italian classes in London? Short term Italian classes in London are the perfect solution to study Italian in summer. If you think it would be ideal, we have the right courses for you! At Happy Languages, we offer 8 weeks courses starting from the 24th June. Classes take place once per […]

Italian classes with minimum fee

Discover Our Amazing Deals: Mister Lasagna

Where can you find Italian classes with minimum fee? If you would like to take Italian classes with minimum fee, at Happy Languages you will find what you need. Apart from offering courses at very competitive prices, there is more you should know! Have you heard about our member card? If you get it, you […]

Italian classes with less fees

How To Get A Discount On Your Next Italian Course

Looking for Italian classes with less fees? If your intention is finding Italian classes with less fees, we have good news for you! With our new vouchers, you will have the chance to get a great discount on your next Italian course. The voucher is very easy to use and will ensure you a fantastic […]

learn italian language

CILS B1 Cittadinanza: Get Ready For The Writing Section

Have you decided to learn the Italian language for the Italian citizenship? If you learn the Italian language to apply for the citizenship, you may know that you have to pass a recognised exam at a B1 level. Read this article for some general information about the CILS B1 Cittadinanza, which is one of the […]

Ordering Coffee In Italian

Italian Video Tutorial: Ordering Coffee In Italian

Ordering coffee in Italian is a good challenge! For Italian beginner students, ordering coffee in Italian is something really nice to learn. While in Italy for holiday or work, being able to speak Italian in a bar to order a coffee is one of the first ways to practice the language. In fact, bars are […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Arrampicarsi Sugli Specchi Means In Italian

“Arrampicarsi sugli specchi” is a lovely Italian Idiom to use! In Italian, we use the expression “Arrampicarsi sugli specchi” very often. Unlike other idioms, if you translate it you can catch its meaning quite well. In other cases, translating word by word is very confusing and doesn’t help understand it at all. What is the […]

learn italian language

Eat Italian In London At Fratelli La Bufala

If you learn Italian language at Happy Languages, we have great news! Normally, people who learn the Italian language are very interested in discovering the Italian culture. And culture in Italy also means food! That is why we are always happy to suggest authentic Italian restaurants to try in London. But we did even more! […]