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Online Italian Courses: Week 2

Our Italian Beginner Language Courses in London are now online! Our second week of online Beginner Language Courses in London has been amazing. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency, we are holding our lessons on Zoom, a great platform perfect for educational purposes. So every evening we access our virtual classes with our students and […]

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Let’s Learn Some Carnival Words In Italian

This time of the years all the Italian lessons for beginners refer to Carnival somehow! So if you are taking Italian lessons for beginners it might happen to come across nice simple words related to this important celebration. In Italy, many cities celebrate Carnival amazingly: colorful floats, masks, traditional costumes… You can read more about […]

italian numbers

Video Tutorial: Italian Numbers 20-100

Do you know Italian numbers from 20 to 100? Italian numbers are not difficult to learn. At Happy Languages, we normally study them at Beginner level as numbers are a basic topics that you will need to give and ask important information. For example, you will use numbers to say your age and also to […]

Long term Italian classes in London

Start Our Italian Beginner 1 Course From January 2020

Do you want to start long term Italian classes in London from January? In January our long term Italian classes in London restart after the Christmas break. If you are looking to start learning Italian from scratch, the Beginner 1 course is the perfect one for you. It is the first course to attend in […]

Short term Italian classes in London

Discover Our September Italian Crash Course

At Happy Languages we offer short term Italian classes in London. Among our short term Italian classes in London there is the Italian Crash Course. Do you know what it is? It’s a very intensive Course at a Total Beginner level which lasts only 2 days, 4 hours on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. So […]

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Italian Beginner 1 Course: Discover Our Promotion

A Beginner Italian Course in less amount is now a reality! If you are looking for a Beginner Italian Course in less amount, at Happy Languages we have something great for you. We always try to keep our prices very competitive and offer the opportunity to save some money to our students. The price of […]

Two months classes for Italian

Discover Our Italian Beginner 1 Course From September

Can’t wait to start two months classes for Italian in September? At Happy Languages we have great two months classes for Italian starting from the 23rd September. In that week all our courses will restart after the summer break and we will be happy to welcome you! As we offer a number of different courses, […]

Italian Crash Course in London

Italian Crash Course In London

Choosing an Italian Crash Course in London is a great idea! Our Italian Crash Course in London is a very popular course among those who want to start learning Italian. The main reason why students choose it is that it takes place over a weekend. This means that it does not affect your weekly schedule. […]

Ordering Coffee In Italian

Italian Video Tutorial: Ordering Coffee In Italian

Ordering coffee in Italian is a good challenge! For Italian beginner students, ordering coffee in Italian is something really nice to learn. While in Italy for holiday or work, being able to speak Italian in a bar to order a coffee is one of the first ways to practice the language. In fact, bars are […]

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Italian Video Tutorial: Some Italian Vocabulary

Learning some new Italian vocabulary is always challenging! It is always very interesting to go through some Italian vocabulary. But sometimes we try to learn some new words without any specific method and we forget them very quickly. What is the best way to discover some new vocabulary? Learning it from texts and listenings is […]

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