short term italian classes in london

Let’s Speak Italian: Our Next Conversation Class

Some short term Italian classes in London are available at Happy Languages! If you would like to improve your conversation skills in Italian, we offer short term Italian classes in London. Our Conversation Class is a perfect choice if you want to work on conversation without committing to a regular course. Sometimes is difficult to […]

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HAPPYforward: Step 3

Looking for Italian and Spanish language courses in London close to your workplace? We understand that taking language courses in London far from work or home is really hard. In the last four years we have been in the City, a very strategic area. Our courses have taken place at the Aldgate Tower for 4 years […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Mettere Il Dito Nella Piaga Means In Italian

Non mettere il dito nella piaga! How many times have you heard the Italian idiom “mettere il dito nella piaga“? It is a very common expression Italians use in everyday conversation. Idiomatic expressions are so important in the Italian language! They make what we say more punchy and help us express exactly what we mean. […]

Italian courses in London by experts

Discover Our CILS A1 Preparation Course

How can you find Italian courses in London by experts for A1 exam preparation? At Happy Languages we offer Italian courses in London by experts to prepare the CILS A1 exam. CILS is the international certification to attest your Italian level of competence released by the University for Foreigners of Siena, in Italy. The certification […]

Italian course in less amount

Italian Beginner 1 Course: Discover Our Promotion

A Beginner Italian Course in less amount is now a reality! If you are looking for a Beginner Italian Course in less amount, at Happy Languages we have something great for you. We always try to keep our prices very competitive and offer the opportunity to save some money to our students. The price of […]

Italian classes with minimum fee

My Happy Gadget Contest – Italian

How can you have Italian classes with minimum fee? If you are looking for Italian classes with minimum fee, we have some exciting news for you. We regularly try to engage our students to reward the bravest with something special. And this time, you will have the chance to get a great prize, better than […]

Italian classes with less fees

Discover Our Deals: ‘O Ver Restaurant

Taking Italian classes with less fees is not just a dream! At Happy Languages it is possible to find Italian classes with less fees. On top of our very competitive prices, we do offer something more. All our students get our member card, which can be showed in a number of Italian restaurants and other […]

Asking for directions in Italian

Video Tutorial: Asking For directions in Italian

Asking for directions in Italian is very important before leaving for Italy! Even though nowadays everybody has a smartphone, sometimes asking for directions is much more useful. This is true especially in little towns where it might be easier to follow someone’s instructions. So watching this nice video tutorial is really helpful to learn more! […]

Long term Italian classes in London

How To Succeed In Learning Italian

Long term Italian classes in London have the purpose to support you from a Beginner to a Proficiency level. If your goal is reaching a very high competence, starting long term Italian classes in London is the right choice. At Happy Languages, we structure our courses in this perspective. Our priority is guiding students step […]

Italian Courses in London by experts

Top Italian Holidays Words

Taking Italian courses in London by experts? In summer Italian courses in London by experts are focused on some useful holidays vocabulary. As you might have noticed, sometimes the simplest words are the most difficult if we have never come across them. And travelling to Italy is always a great challenge! We are pretty sure […]