Italian evening courses

Online Italian Evening Courses – Week 12

What have our students done during their Italian evening courses? Our Italian evening courses are taking place on Zoom: it’s been the 12th week online! Students are very happy about their new experience and appreciate all the resources and functions they can use. Having lesson from their sofa, after work, became part of their new […]

learning Italian language

Learning Italian Language Online – Week 8

During the lockdown, students at Happy Languages are still learning the Italian language. Even if the setting has changed due to the Covid-19 emergency, they are making big progress in learning the Italian language. Classes are held on Zoom, which is really a fantastic platform to use for education purposes. Students are enjoying their lessons, […]

italian language classes

Online Italian Language Classes – Week 6

At Happy Languages online Italian language classes keep going! Our Italian language classes have taken place on Zoom for the 6th week due to the coronavirus emergency. After some time, we are really appreciating the great online tools that we have and our students are enjoying courses a lot! Our classes are as interactive and […]

italian language courses

Italian Online Language Courses: Week 4

Our Italian language courses are back! After the Easter break, all our Italian language courses restarted from the 20th April. So even during the lockdown it’s possible to learn Italian and have fun together! All the courses take place on the online platform Zoom, which is really enjoyable. We moved all our courses to Zoom […]

learn Italian London

Third Week Online Italian Courses

If you want to learn Italian in London, join us! Despite the unusual situation of lockdown, it is still possible to learn Italian in London! At the beginning of the lockdown, we moved our group courses online. Since then, our students have met on Zoom every week for their Italian class. It’s different from a […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Avere La Testa Fra Le Nuvole Means In Italian

“Avere la testa fra le nuvole” is a nice Italian idiom, do you know its meaning? “Avere la testa fra le nuvole” is the right expression to describe a temporary or permanent state of mind. If we translate it, we realise that it corresponds to the English idiom: to have your head in the clouds. […]

beginner language courses london

Online Italian Courses: Week 2

Our Italian Beginner Language Courses in London are now online! Our second week of online Beginner Language Courses in London has been amazing. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency, we are holding our lessons on Zoom, a great platform perfect for educational purposes. So every evening we access our virtual classes with our students and […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Prendere Il Toro Per Le Corna Means In Italian

Do you know the idiom Prendere il toro per le corna? In Italian, Prendere il toro per le corna is a common expression. A very figurative idiom that you can easily understand if you think of its literal meaning: “taking the bull by the horns”. Actually, in English the expression used is exactly as in […]

Evening Italian courses in London

Italian Elementary Course: A Nice Warm-Up Activity

Our evening Italian courses in London are always fun! If you take part in our evening Italian courses in London, there will be many lovely activities to practise the language. We believe that it is always important to start a course having fun. This is why we try many different warm-up activities. These activities have […]

Italian Classes London

Intermediate Italian Classes: A Listening Activity

Taking Italian classes in London at Happy Languages? Our Italian Classes in London are carefully planned to offer the best learning experience to our students. And we believe that having fun is essential while learning! A good practice is trying to do even the most traditional things in a different way. This is very important […]

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