Italian idiomatic expression

What Ride Bene Chi Ride Ultimo Means In Italian

“Ride bene chi ride ultimo” is an Italian idiom that everyone should know! The nice idiomatic expression “ride bene chi ride ultimo” is often used by Italians, can you guess the meaning? As usual, idioms are very intriguing for the hidden meaning that we need to discover and translating is not the best way to […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Non Tutto Il Male Viene Per Nuocere Means In Italian

Do you know the Italian idiom “Non tutto il male viene per nuocere“? “Non tutto il male viene per nuocere” is a very common idiomatic expression, so it’s definitely worth learning it! As for other idioms, this one does exist in other languages, probably because it expresses a universal idea. For example, in English we […]

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Discover 5 Fantastic Books To Read In Italian

Looking for great books in Italian to read? If you are an advanced Italian learner and love reading, it’s important to find some lovely books in Italian to read in your free time. Reading in Italian is not easy, however, if you are proficient in Italian it’s a great way to expand your vocabulary and […]