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Italian and Spanish Coffee Meet Up London 8th June

  Looking for a nice Italian and Spanish Coffee Meet Up in London? Our lovely free Italian and Spanish Coffee Meet Up in London will take place on June 8th! Join us at Obicà in St.Paul’s from 4pm to 6pm. Obicà is an excellent Italian bar and restaurant in London. One of their venues is […]


Discover Matera

The City of Rocks, “la Città dei Sassi“: this is how Matera is called. If you look at Matera, you understand why. The ancient city is literally carved in the rock, a beautiful art work originated by the natural caves lately shaped according to the population’s needs. The first settlement dates back to the Paleolithic: […]

Ordering Coffee In Italian

Italian Video Tutorial: Ordering Coffee In Italian

Ordering coffee in Italian is a good challenge! For Italian beginner students, ordering coffee in Italian is something really nice to learn. While in Italy for holiday or work, being able to speak Italian in a bar to order a coffee is one of the first ways to practice the language. In fact, bars are […]

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Eat Italian In London At Fratelli La Bufala

If you learn Italian language at Happy Languages, we have great news! Normally, people who learn the Italian language are very interested in discovering the Italian culture. And culture in Italy also means food! That is why we are always happy to suggest authentic Italian restaurants to try in London. But we did even more! […]

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Where To Order A Great Italian Coffee In London

Taking Italian tuitions in London and very fond of a good Italian coffee? If you are taking Italian tuitions in London and looking for Italian bars to enjoy some great coffee, we have a good news! As you may have noticed, in London there are many Italian bars! Obviously not all of them serve the […]

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Where Cappuccino Comes From

Do you enjoy learning Italian in London? If you are learning Italian in London you will be happy to learn the story of cappuccino and some vocabulary! Most people love this type of coffee: we would say that it is the most popular around the world! But do you know where cappuccino comes from? The story […]

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Discover our New Italian Courses From April

Learning Italian in London at Happy Languages is a lovely journey! If you want to start or continue learning Italian in London with us, we have a good news: our new courses are starting from April 1st! We offer Evening Courses at any level taking place in our gorgeous office at the Aldgate Tower. All […]

Passato Prossimo and Passato Remoto

Italian Video Tutorial: Uses of Passato Prossimo And Passato Remoto

What is the difference between Passato Prossimo and Passato Remoto in Italian? Normally advanced students struggle a bit when they think about the uses of Passato Prossimo and Passato Remoto. Probably this is due to the fact that in Italian we have a number of past tenses and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between […]

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Italian language course in February

February is the perfect month to start an Italian language course at a Total Beginner level! If you missed the Italian language course that started last month, don’t worry. At Happy Languages we do have an option that might be of interest to you. Have you ever heard about our Italian Crash Course? It is […]

Boost your career finance

Boost Your Career In Finance Learning A Second Language

What might you boost your career in finance? Nowadays a lot of professionals wonder how to boost their career in finance and may come up with different options. Further training, specialising in a specific area of expertise, make relevant work experiences… But what would really make a difference is something you might not have considered: […]