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What De Tal Palo Tal Astilla Means In Spanish

Does “de tal palo tal astilla” sound familiar to you? “De tal palo tal astilla” is a nice Spanish idiom used by Spanish speakers, so it’s very useful to learn. As idioms are so common among natives, we always try to introduce them as an essential part of the language and culture. Sometimes they are […]

spanish idiom

What No Importar Un Pimiento Means In Spanish

No importar un pimiento is a nice Spanish idiom you should learn! If you have already heard some using the expression “No importar un pimiento“, you might have guessed its meaning from the context. Normally we use it when we want to say that we don’t care about something. However, the literal translation might be […]

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Why Our September Courses Are Online

Why did we choose to continue with online language classes? Our Italian and Spanish online language classes started in March, just before the national lockdown due to the Covid-19 crisis. Since then, we regularly run Italian and Spanish lessons via Zoom: a new way to have class that our students enjoyed a lot, despite the […]

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Spanish Classes Online – Week 15

Are you enjoying your Spanish classes online? Our Spanish classes online keep going: for the 15th week we held lessons on Zoom! Despite the differences in setting, online classes work really well. Students can do activities in different modes and take advantage of useful functions. While working from home, having the opportunity to take classes […]