Our store offers a range of unique products, our Happy Languages gadgets: made with great quality materials and amazingly designed, they are definitely a must-have! Either if you want to buy some as a little treat for yourself or as a lovely gift for friends and family, it is worth having a look to discover their features. Folders, mugs, notepads, pens, bags and limited editions notebooks are just the perfect idea for many occasions and you can match them to get a fabulous combination.

In addition, you can find Happy Languages’kit, which includes some handy tools to use everyday for different purposes, easy to take with you and incredibly cool. Fantastic, isn’t it?

So take your time, browse through all the gadgets and choose what you like the most!



Our lovely T-Shirt to spread happiness around you. Sizes available: S/M. £20.


This nice folder is a good and safe place to keep files and documents organised and ready to be taken with you. £3.


Have a good coffee to kick off your day: Happy Languages’ mug is designed for a great start! £15.


A useful cotton bag to fold and take with you wherever you go to be always ready for shopping. £8.


A lovely rectangular notepad with 50 pages, glued at the top, ideal to take notes during a business meeting or a course. £3.


Limited edition notebook with a hardback cover and elastic fastening to celebrate the 5 years of Happy languages! £15.


Great quality ballpoint pen, very reliable and easy to use, perfect for your everyday notes. £1.


Happy Languages’kit includes notepad, pen, folder and bag. A great combination of essential tools to use everyday! £12.


Come to our office and get what you prefer!