What No Hay Tutía Means In Spanish

No Hay Tutía” is a very versatile Spanish idiomatic expression that you might have heard in different contexts: the origin of this idiom comes from the Arabic word tutía, used to indicate a medicine which arrived in Spain through trade.

This is why the literal meaning of this expression is “there is no solution, no remedy“, but we can translate it as “no way, nothing to do, forget about it, not going to happen“.

Let’s see different examples to use it!

Spanish English
No me casaré contigo. ¡No hay tutía! I will not marry you. Forget about it!
Tenés que aprobar el examen porque tuviste tiempo para estudiar, no hay tutía. You have to pass the exam as you had time to study, no way.
Tengo que dormir, pero no hay tutía. I need to sleep, but it is not going to happen.


Can you make another example using this idiomatic expression?

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