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What Poner El Dedo En La Llaga Means In Spanish

What do we mean if we use the idiom Poner el dedo en la llaga? Poner el dedo en la llaga is quite an easy Spanish idiomatic expression to understand. Unlike many others, if we translate it word by word its meaning becomes clear. Literally it means “to put the finger on the wound”. You […]

Pub Essentials In Spanish

Video Tutorial: Pub Essentials In Spanish

It is always good to learn some pub essentials in Spanish! If you learn some pub essentials in Spanish, it will be beneficial to enjoy your time in Spain. Going to a pub is one of the real life situations you can experience. In particular, if you can interact in a daily situation using the […]

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Top 5 Spanish September Destinations 2019

Looking for the best Spanish destinations in September? The ideal Spanish destinations in September are quite a lot. In Spain September is normally hot: in many parts of the countries the summer weather continues until late October. So you have a good choice of places to go, depending on what you expect from your holiday. […]

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What Pedir Peras Al Olmo Means In Spanish

“Pedir peras al olmo” is a lovely Spanish idiom, do you know it? If you heard someone using the idiomatic expression “pedir peras al olmo“, you must be very curious about the meaning. The Spanish language is always surprising when it comes to idioms. Sometimes it is very figurative and can express abstract concepts in […]


Visit Ronda

Ronda is a stunning town built astride a deep gash in the Andalusian mountains. Ronda is about 100km from Malaga and has become very popular for its location. This beautiful town literally sits above a ravine, El Tajo gorge, carved by the Guadalevín river, . This dramatic view and the landscape you can enjoy from the town […]

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Video Tutorial : Asking Questions In Spanish

Asking questions in Spanish is essential for the everyday conversation. As in other languages, asking questions in Spanish is different from English. So it is important to learn how to ask questions and have a look at the structure of the sentence. First of all, some words to start a question are really important! Watching […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

How To Succeed In Learning Spanish

Long term Spanish Classes in London are structured to guide you towards proficiency. At Happy Languages, our long term Spanish classes in London are carefully planned in order to make students progress. So if your goal is reaching an advanced level, following the courses we designed is the perfect learning path. How are courses structured? […]

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What Acorstarse Con Las Gallinas Means In Spanish

Can you guess what “acostarse con las gallinas” means in Spanish? “Acostarse con las gallinas” is a nice Spanish idiom very often used in conversation. If you have heard it many times, you must be very curious about it! The peculiarity of most Spanish idiom is to be not exactly straightforward. Understanding their meaning often […]


Formentera: A Dream Summer Destination

Is Formentera your next destination? Formentera is definitely a great choice for your summer holidays. Even though you might think that this little island is similar to Ibiza, well…there couldn’t be anything more different! Formentera is the smallest of the Baleari islands and offers amazing beaches and untouched nature to enjoy. What type of holiday […]


Ibiza: A Summer Paradise

Ready for Ibiza? Ibiza is the perfect destination for a summer holiday. Very popular for its amazing nightlife, it also offers stunning natural beauties and places of cultural interest. That is why it is on the Unesco Heritage List since 1999. Let’s discover this fantastic island! One of the things you will like the most […]