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Let’s Order A Coffee In Spanish

Are you enjoying your Spanish language course? If you want to practice after your Spanish language course, why don’t you try to order a coffee in Spanish? Being able to interact in everyday situations is the first goal to reach when you learn another language. That’s why going to one of the several Spanish bars […]

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What Ser Un Ave Nocturna Means In Spanish

Do you understand what I mean if I use the idiom”Ser un ave nocturna”? “Ser un ave nocturna” is another lovely Spanish expression. Using idioms makes the language so colorful! This is why at Happy Languages we pay a lot of attention to idiomatic expressions and teach them as much as possible. That is crucial […]

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Best Spanish Classes in East London

Looking for “Spanish lessons near me“? If you are typing “Spanish lessons near me in East London” on Google, you will be happy to find Happy Languages! When choosing a language school, it is very important to consider some important aspects such as transport, surroundings, distance from work and home. Did you know that we […]

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Video Tutorial: Some Spanish Vocabulary

Do you enjoy learning some Spanish vocabulary? During your Spanish language course, it is always good to study some Spanish vocabulary. Sometimes it might be difficult to figure out how to expand your vocabulary and learn new words. Where shall you start from? Well, the best way to focus on vocabulary is trying to learn […]

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What No Hay Color Means In Spanish

Have you heard someone saying “No hay color”? “No hay color” is a common Spanish idiom used in the spoken language. As for many other idiomatic expressions, its effect is to brighten the conversation up and stress our point of view. We do believe that learning this kind of expressions really makes the difference. So […]

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Let’s Learn Some Spanish Easter Words

Learning Spanish for Beginners is really fun! If you study Spanish for Beginners and are enjoying your lessons, you will be happy to expand your vocabulary. In this period of the year, Easter is the most important event in Spain. People do celebrate this religious festivity all the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, the […]

Uses of Por and Para

Spanish Video Tutorial: Uses Of Por And Para

Do you know the uses of Por and Para in Spanish? The uses of Por and Para might be tricky as both words translate the English “for”. However, Por and Para are used in a different way depending on the meaning of the sentence. There are quite a lot of uses to go through. This […]

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A Great Spanish Film Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Do you learn Spanish in London? If you learn Spanish in London, there are many opportunities to practice. For example, you can take part in many events about the Spanish cinema, such as the Spanish Film Festival. How much do you know about the Spanish cinema? Well, you definitely know some film directors who became […]

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What Dormirse En Los Laureles Means In Spanish

Can you guess what “Dormirse en los laureles” means in Spanish? If you like Spanish idiomatic expressions, “Dormirse en los laureles” is a very nice one. Every time we come across an idiom, understanding its meaning is a big challenge. But these expressions never let us down! They are always interesting and stimulate our curiosity. […]

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Best Spanish Classes in London From April

Looking for the best Spanish classes in London from April? The best Spanish classes in London are at Happy Languages! We have new courses starting from the 1st April that might be perfect to fit your schedule. We offer evening courses from 7pm to 8.30pm held at the Aldgate Tower, just outside Aldgate East tube […]