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Discover The Spanish Press In London

Are you looking for Spanish press in London? As the Spanish speaking community is quite big, you can find good Spanish press in London. There are a number of newspapers and magazines mostly in Spanish to keep up to date with the latest news and trends. So you can read about many topics, not only […]

spanish idiom

What Verlo Todo De Color De Rosa Means In Spanish

“Verlo todo de color de rosa” is a new Spanish idiom to learn! Among hundreds idioms, “verlo todo de color de rosa” is a really nice one. As usual, at Happy Languages we pay a lot of attention to idiomatic expressions and we always try to introduce some of them in order to make students […]

spanish idiom

What No Importar Un Pimiento Means In Spanish

No importar un pimiento is a nice Spanish idiom you should learn! If you have already heard some using the expression “No importar un pimiento“, you might have guessed its meaning from the context. Normally we use it when we want to say that we don’t care about something. However, the literal translation might be […]

Online salsa classes

Take Online Salsa Classes From Home

Do you fancy some online salsa classes? Online salsa classes are a great opportunity to enjoy salsa from the comfort of your home. During this tough period, due to the Covid-19 we all had to change our habits and give up something that we love. However, many new possibilities have come up and we started […]

spanish idiom

What No Tener Ni Pies Ni Cabeza Means In Spanish

No tener ni pies ni cabeza is a good Spanish idiom to learn! If you hear “No tener ni pies ni cabeza” you might be a bit confused as the meaning is not very straightforward. Sometimes idiomatic expressions need a bit of interpretation: a literal translation is not enough to explain what they really mean. […]

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Online Spanish Lessons – Week 19

Taking online Spanish lessons is really fun! Since we started our online Spanish lessons due to the Coronavirus crisis, we have held our classes on Zoom for 19 weeks! Swapping from face-to-face to virtual classes is not easy both for students and teachers, however our experience is really great. Our students are keeping on track […]

spanish idiom

What Estar Hasta Las Narices Means In Spanish

Estar hasta las narices is a nice Spanish idiom: have you ever heard it? It’s always challenging when it comes to idioms and “estar hasta las narices” is a difficult one! As usual, idioms are an essential part of a foreign language: without these amazing expressions the way we speak is more flat and impersonal, […]

spanish restaurants reopened in london

Top 5 Spanish Restaurants Reopened After Lockdown

After the lockdown many Spanish restaurants reopened in London! If you miss some good Spanish food, you can now enjoy the Spanish restaurants reopened in London. The Covid-19 emergency has forced restaurants to change their setting and habits. However, after almost 4 months, they are now able to reopen with some safety measures in place. […]

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What Tener La Negra Means In Spanish

Have you ever come across the idiom “tener la negra”? “Tener la negra” is a nice Spanish idiomatic expression you might find useful! It’s an expression that you can easily find in everyday conversation. The reason why we take idioms in big consideration is that students hear them from native speakers quite often. Obviously it’s […]