Spanish online class

Online Spanish Group Lessons – Week 13

Have you tried a Spanish online class? During the last 13 weeks, our students really enjoyed their Spanish online class on Zoom! The Covid-19 emergency has been a big challenge, but we have never stopped! Using a platform like Zoom is easy to recreate the classroom atmosphere and do all the activities we have always […]

new skills to learn online

Top 5 New Skills To Learn Online

Are you looking for new skills to learn online? While working from home you can find amazing new skills to learn online. It’s a fantastic way to make the most of your time! You can take free courses, access free resources or choose some at different costs depending on your preference. The amazing thing is […]

Spanish group courses

Online Spanish Group Courses – Week 11

Our Spanish group courses are keep going! Since mid March, our Spanish group courses have been moved online due to the Covid-19 emergency. Our students and teachers changed mode and started meeting regularly on Zoom. Zoom is a great platform for language courses and everyone is enjoying the new experience! And now the 11th week […]

Learning Spanish Language

Learning Spanish Online – Week 9

Is learning the Spanish language possible during the lockdown? Our students are learning the Spanish Language online using the popular platform Zoom. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency, we quickly moved all our lessons online to keep going. Time flies and…our 9th week online is gone! Our students are enjoying the different mode and […]

spanish idiom

What Dormir A Pierna Suelta Means In Spanish

Is Dormir a pierna suelta the right Spanish idiom for you? “Dormir a pierna suelta” is a very nice idiom to learn. Its literal meaning refers to the story behind this idiomatic expression. In the past prisoners had shackles around their ankles so that they couldn’t escape. If a prisoner behaved well, the reward was […]

apps to learn spanish

The Best Apps To Learn Spanish In Lockdown

Are you keen on using apps to learn Spanish? During the lockdown, discovering new apps to learn Spanish is a great way to improve your skills. As you have more time to spend at home, you have the chance to focus on some practice every day. Even 10-15 minutes per day are enough to keep […]

One-to-One Spanish Lessons London

Discover Our Online One-to-One Spanish Lessons

Ready for your One-to-One Spanish Lessons in London? Even during the quarantine, our One-to-One Spanish Lessons in London carry on! Since the emergency started, we moved all our lessons on the online platform Zoom. Therefore it si very easy to take some individual lessons while you are at home! How do they work? Online one-to-one […]

learning spanish for beginners

An Intriguing Spanish Easter Tradition

Learning Spanish for Beginners means discovering lovely customs and traditions! In this period of the year, learning Spanish for Beginner students is closely related to Easter (Pascua). It is nice to learn either some useful vocabulary and some nice customs to better understand how people live this important festivity. Going through the main celebrations it is possible […]

spanish evening classes london

Online Spanish Evening Classes: Week 1

Our first week of Online Spanish Evening Classes in London is gone! Due to the Coronavirus emergency, all our Spanish Evening Classes in London have been moved to the online platform Zoom. So last Monday we started our online classes and…it was fun! Online teaching and learning are quite dissimilar to classes in presence. The […]

Spanish Intensive

Take An Online Spanish Crash Course

Looking for an Intensive Spanish Crash Course? If you are a Total Beginner and want to start an Intensive Spanish Crash Course, we offer the perfect solution for you! On the 28th and 29th March you can join our Spanish Crash Course from 10am to 2pm. You will study for 8 hours in total starting […]