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What Echar Agua Al Mar Means in Spanish

Have you ever heard someone saying “Echar agua al mar” in Spanish? Well, this is a common idiomatic expression which literally means “Throw water into the sea” and is used in Spain to say that something is pointless, useless, ineffective. Here you have some examples to use it correctly: Spanish English Tratar de convencerla es […]

Acantilados de Toñanes

Cantabria: a Journey to the Green Spain

Have you ever heard about Cantabria? This beautiful region in the North of Spain is known as Green Spain because of the natural features, the several reserves and the Cantabria mountains that run along the coast. In addition to the stunning beauty that will capture you at first sight, this land offers important evidence of […]

spanish idiom

Ser Pan Comido Idiomatic Expression

Ser pan comido is a nice Spanish expression which literally it means “to be bread eaten“. Bread is in many Spanish expressions as it has always been an important food in the Spanish daily life, that is why the Spanish refer to it very often. Well, if translated just like this it doesn’t mean much, […]


Discover Uruguay

Dreaming of a holiday in Uruguay? Point of contention between Spain and Portugal, Uruguay borders Argentina to its West, Brazil to its North and East, the Atlantic Ocean to the South-East. After being a Spanish colony for a long time, in 1828 the country became independent and started welcoming a massive migration from Europe, which contributed […]



Do you want to know more about Colombia? The Republica de Colombia is a South-American country. It adjoins Perù, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brasile and Panama, and it overlooks both Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Colombia is sadly famous for the recent history about cocaine’s cartels, above all the ones of Medellin and Cali. Because of them, Colombia […]

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Spanish And Italian Languages

The Italian and Spanish languages have a lot of similarities because of their common origin; they both come from Latin so they share most of the grammar structures, verbs, syntax and nouns. It’s easy to think that if you are able to speak Italian, learning Spanish is quick and easy; of course it is, but […]

Spanish Language

Spanish Speaking World

A guesstimate from 2011 places a 1 million Spanish speaking immigration in the UK. In the US these numbers are even more important, since they reached 53 million in a report from 2012: it has been calculated that by 2050 they will reach the 25% of the American population. The situation reaches its highest percentage […]


Discover Argentina

The Spanish thought that in the southern zone of South America there was a lot of silver, called “argento”. From that comes the name of the biggest country of Latin America, Argentina. Half of its population lives in Buenos Aires and its province, together with the big estuary of the Río de la Plata. Buenos […]


Discover Andalusia

You have probably heard about Madrid, capital of the movida, with its majestic and colourful squares and streets; you know everything about Barcelona, the postmodern city where lots of artists live and where you can both climb a mountain and go to the beach. We will then talk about a particular region, Andalucía, which is […]