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Italian Tuition

A New Great Italian Textbook: In Alto!

Looking for a new book for your Italian tuition? In Alto! is a new textbook published by Ornimi Editions to use for your A1 Italian tuition. Ornimi Editions is a Greek publishing house which boasts a high skilled staff, very specialised in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Their aim is creating innovative and modern […]

spanish evening classes london

Online Spanish Evening Classes: Week 1

Our first week of Online Spanish Evening Classes in London is gone! Due to the Coronavirus emergency, all our Spanish Evening Classes in London have been moved to the online platform Zoom. So last Monday we started our online classes and…it was fun! Online teaching and learning are quite dissimilar to classes in presence. The […]

Spanish Intensive

Take An Online Spanish Crash Course

Looking for an Intensive Spanish Crash Course? If you are a Total Beginner and want to start an Intensive Spanish Crash Course, we offer the perfect solution for you! On the 28th and 29th March you can join our Spanish Crash Course from 10am to 2pm. You will study for 8 hours in total starting […]

spanish idiom

What Dar Gato Por Liebre Means In Spanish

What does Dar Gato Por Liebre mean in Spanish? Dar Gato Por Liebre is a nice Spanish idiom with a nice story behind. Do you know what is the literal translation? It would be “to give a cat for a hare”, so to trick someone giving something with less value than the thing they paid […]

san giuseppe

San Giuseppe: Let’s Celebrate Father’s Day In Italy

Are you going to celebrate San Giuseppe this year? On the 19th March in Italy people celebrate San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph), who was the Virgin Mary’s spouse. This festivity is very ancient: apparently it was firstly celebrated around 1030 A.D. In many Catholic countries, that day is also father’s day (festa del papà). Italy is […]

Spanish tutor London

Get Ready For Spanish DELE C2 Preparation

Looking for a Spanish tutor in London to prepare your DELE C2 exam? Planning some lessons with a Spanish tutor in London is definitely the best idea to prepare your DELE C2 exam. As you probably know, C2 is the highest level of competence in a foreign language. It is considered as “mastery” and is […]

La casa del papel 4

Waiting For La Casa de Papel 4

Waiting for La Casa de Papel 4? All the fan of the popular Spanish TV Serie can’t wait to watch La Casa de Papel 4, translated in English as “Money Heist”. The new season will be released on the 3rd April 2020 on Netflix. After the first 3 thrilling seasons, we are expecting something incredible […]

Peperoni ripieni

Peperoni Ripieni: A Lovely Italian Recipe

The Italian Peperoni Ripieni are a lovely dish to make at home! If you have tried Peperoni Ripieni (stuffed peppers) in Italy you might have noticed that there are different versions of this traditional recipe. This is not surprising: almost every Italian recipe has many possible variations that depend on the area or even on […]

women's day

The Women’s Day

March 8th is the International Women’s Day, the celebration of the social, political and economical conquests of women. But how the “Women’s Day” was established? After one of the meeting of the Socialist International, in 1907, socialist women decided to split off from the original group and create their own. Women from all over the word took part […]

Peruvian Cuisine

A Journey Through The Peruvian Cuisine

Have you had a chance to try the delicious Peruvian Cuisine? The Peruvian Cuisine includes as many typical dishes as the Italian or French cuisine. There are more than 250 soups and 250 traditional desserts to enjoy! It is a rich and various cuisine and it’s the result of many different influences. For example, the […]

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