The Befana Tradition in Italy

During the night between the 5th and the 6th January, all the children in Italy wait for the Befana to arrive in the houses and leave presents, sweets or sweet coal. But who is the Befana and why she gives sweets in the night of Epiphany? This old woman riding a broom comes from the magic pagans’ rituals, but […]

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Best Spanish Classes in London Upper-Intermediate from January

Wondering what are the best Spanish classes in London at an Upper-Intermediate level? The best Spanish classes in London are definitely held at Happy Languages! If you are looking for Upper-Intermediate classes, it means that you have studied a lot of Spanish already. The Common European Framework of Reference for languages refers to the Upper-Intermediate […]

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Italian language course: Intermediate classes from January

Did you enjoy your last Italian language course with us? If you have reached the Intermediate level and are looking for your next Italian language course, you can restart very soon. Our new courses are starting from the 21st January! First of all, if you are not sure about what the intermediate level is, consider […]


Nochevieja: The Best Spanish New Year’s Eve Traditions

Nochevieja in Spain is a magic time of the year. As you probably know, Nochevieja is the New Year’s Eve in Spanish. It literally means “old night” and it is celebrated with a number of traditions and superstitions that are believed to bring luck. On the 31st December and 1st January, every year people keep […]

Where Santo Stefano comes from

Have you ever spent the Christmas period in Italy? If you have, you probably know that after the big Christmas celebration, on the 26th December people have another important holiday: Santo Stefano. It is a Christian festivity dedicated to the first martyr, Stefano, who preach the word of God and converted many people to Christianity. For […]

Top 10 Italian Christmas Presents

Italians love the Christmas shopping, both walking down the decorated street in the city center and on the Internet. Every year they search the most useful and nice presents for family and friends, split between tradition and innovation. So what do they buy the most? Let’s find out the Italian tastes about Christmas presents! Technology […]

Christmas Eve Dinner in Italy

One of the most important Christmas traditions in Italy is the so called Cenone on the Chistmas Eve. “Cenone” literally means big dinner, so you can easily imagine how abundant and tasteful it is. The Christmas Eve, within the Catholic religion, is one of the most sacred moment of the year; that is why originally […]

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New Spanish Intermediate Courses From January

Ready for your next Spanish language course? If you would like to take a Spanish language course at an Intermediate level, our new classes are starting from the 21st January. What does Intermediate level mean? If we refer to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages), the Intermediate level is called B1. At […]

Top Ten Italian Christmas Traditions

The Christmas time in Italy is the period of the year to spend with family and friends par excellence. It starts on the 24th December and lasts until the 6th January, when the “Epifania” (Epiphany) brings that magic moment to an end. Here you can find the 10 most famous traditions to follow thoroughly for […]

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New Italian Elementary Evening Courses From January

Shall you learn the Italian language at an Elementary level? If you have just completed the Beginner level yes, you can move on and learn the Italian language at a higher level. The Elementary level is normally called A2 in the CEFR (Common European Frame of Reference for languages). As it is a challenging level […]