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Uses Of Congiuntivo

Video Tutorial: Uses Of Congiuntivo In Italian

Can you recall the uses of Congiuntivo in Italian? The uses of Congiuntivo are a topic for Advanced students. This video tutorial will help you go through them with some useful examples!  First of all, we normally use the Congiuntivo in secondary clauses after a verb which expresses: un dubbio – a doubt Credo che […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

Let’s Start Learning Spanish From January

Do you want to take long term Spanish classes in London from January? After the Christmas break, long term Spanish classes in London will restart from the last week of January. If you are looking for a Beginner course to start from scratch, our Beginner 1 will start from the 28th January. Being a long […]

Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple

Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple – Video Tutorial

Have you studied Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple in Spanish? Imperfecto and Pretérito Perfecto Simple are important intermediate grammar topics. It is very important to focus on the difference between them in order to be able to express different past actions. Let’s watch this nice video tutorial!  Let’s see the uses of Imperfecto. First of […]

Long term Italian classes in London

Start Our Italian Beginner 1 Course From January 2020

Do you want to start long term Italian classes in London from January? In January our long term Italian classes in London restart after the Christmas break. If you are looking to start learning Italian from scratch, the Beginner 1 course is the perfect one for you. It is the first course to attend in […]

Halloween 2019 London

Let’s Celebrate Halloween 2019 In London

Are you spending Halloween 2019 in London? If you are curious to know what to do for Halloween 2019 in London, you will be happy to know that there are many spooky places and events! Discover the most haunted places to visit! It you like feeling a shiver that runs up your spine, there are […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Salvarsi In Calcio D’Angolo Means In Italian

Do you know what does Salvarsi in calcio d’angolo mean in Italian? “Salvarsi in calcio d’angolo” is an idiomatic expression often used in the Italian language. As many other idioms, it comes from football. In a country where football is considered the national sport and is followed by millions of people, that’s quite predictable! Therefore […]

Spanish courses in London by experts

Spanish GCSE: Start Your Preparation

Preparing the GCSE and searching Spanish courses in London by experts? At Happy Languages we do offer one-to-one Spanish courses in London by experts for GCSE preparation. The GCSE exam consists of 3 papers and covers all four language skills. It means that candidates have to be trained for listening, reading, writing and speaking tasks. Let’s […]

Narcos Mexico

Narcos Mexico

Did you come across Narcos Mexico on Netflix? Narcos Mexico is a thrilling American TV series originally intended to be the fourth season of Narcos. As you probably know, Narcos is about Colombia and the Medellín Cartel, controlled by Pablo Escobar. However, Narcos Mexico became a companion series, focused on the drug trafficking in Mexico. […]

spanish idiom

What Encontrar Tu Media Naranja Means In Spanish

“Encontrar tu media naranja” is a lovely Spanish Idiom! If you heard someone using “Encontrar tu media naranja“, you are probably wondering about its meaning. Spanish idiomatic expressions are really meaningful and effective. And it is nice to use them in conversation with your Spanish friends! Can you translate this idiom?  Literally it means “to find […]

Italian courses in london by experts

CILS B1 Cittadinanza: Preparation Course

Looking for Italian courses in London by experts to face the CILS B1 Cittadinanza exam? Our Italian courses in London by experts are perfectly planned to help you get ready for the exam. The CILS B1 Cittadinanza is a specific exam for those who need to apply for the Italian citizenship. Apart from a general preparation […]

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