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Where Cappuccino Comes From

Do you enjoy learning Italian in London? If you are learning Italian in London you will be happy to learn the story of cappuccino and some vocabulary! Most people love this type of coffee: we would say that it is the most popular around the world! But do you know where cappuccino comes from? The story […]

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What Dormirse En Los Laureles Means In Spanish

Can you guess what “Dormirse en los laureles” means in Spanish? If you like Spanish idiomatic expressions, “Dormirse en los laureles” is a very nice one. Every time we come across an idiom, understanding its meaning is a big challenge. But these expressions never let us down! They are always interesting and stimulate our curiosity. […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Piangere Sul Latte Versato Means In Italian

Can you translate the Italian idiom “piangere sul latte versato“? “Piangere sul latte versato” is one of those rare idiomatic expressions that we can translate into English word by word. That’s not common at all! Normally it is incredibly difficult to guess what idioms really mean as the literal meaning is far from the figurative […]

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Best Spanish Classes in London From April

Looking for the best Spanish classes in London from April? The best Spanish classes in London are at Happy Languages! We have new courses starting from the 1st April that might be perfect to fit your schedule. We offer evening courses from 7pm to 8.30pm held at the Aldgate Tower, just outside Aldgate East tube […]

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The Women’s Day

March 8th is the International Women’s Day, the celebration of the social, political and economical conquests of women. But how the “Women’s Day” was established? After one of the meeting of the Socialist International, in 1907, socialist women decided to split off from the original group and create their own. Women from all over the word took part […]

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Spain Goes Vegan: The New Spanish Food Trend

Have you ever had Spanish vegan food? Spanish vegan food might seem something unrealistic since Spain has always been one of the biggest meat consumers in Europe. Although a recent trend, vegetarianism and veganism in Spain are on the rise. It means that a good number of people avoid eating meat for many different reasons, […]

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Spanish Pronunciation Video Tutorial

Struggling with Spanish Pronunciation? Spanish Pronunciation might seem complicated at first. But if you learn some basic rules, it will definitely get easier. The good news is that in Spanish we read words exactly how they are written. Differently from English, we do not have to worry about some changes that may occur with specific […]

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Discover our New Italian Courses From April

Learning Italian in London at Happy Languages is a lovely journey! If you want to start or continue learning Italian in London with us, we have a good news: our new courses are starting from April 1st! We offer Evening Courses at any level taking place in our gorgeous office at the Aldgate Tower. All […]

Carnevale DI Venezia

Carnevale Di Venezia : A Feast For The Eyes

Heading to Italy to celebrate the Carnevale di Venezia? The Carnevale di Venezia is a very ancient tradition. The first evidence is dated back to the 11th century, whilst it is mentioned in the first official document in 1296 A.D. The Doge and the Venetian oligarchies encouraged the Carnival celebrations to allow the lower classes […]

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How To Make An Authentic Gazpacho

Learning Spanish for beginners is an amazing challenge! Learning Spanish for beginners means looking for as many opportunities as possible to practice the language. Even in your everyday life, you can always find ways to use your Spanish and improve it. For example, why don’t you cook a typical Spanish dish? If you do, follow […]