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How To Prepare Your Spanish DELE Exam

Our Spanish courses in London by experts are great to prepare your DELE exam. If you want to take a Spanish DELE exam, taking Spanish courses in London by experts is strongly recommended. The exam is perfect to attest your Spanish level of competence for different purposes. According to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference […]

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Top 5 Spanish September Destinations 2019

Looking for the best Spanish destinations in September? The ideal Spanish destinations in September are quite a lot. In Spain September is normally hot: in many parts of the countries the summer weather continues until late October. So you have a good choice of places to go, depending on what you expect from your holiday. […]

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What Pedir Peras Al Olmo Means In Spanish

“Pedir peras al olmo” is a lovely Spanish idiom, do you know it? If you heard someone using the idiomatic expression “pedir peras al olmo“, you must be very curious about the meaning. The Spanish language is always surprising when it comes to idioms. Sometimes it is very figurative and can express abstract concepts in […]

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Spanish Beginner Course: How To Save Money

Looking for a Spanish Course in less amount? At Happy Languages we do offer a Beginner 1 Spanish Course in less amount. We are keen to meet our students’ expectations. This is why our prices are always kept low and incredibly competitive on the London market. If you enrol in a Beginner 1 Spanish Evening […]


Where Ferragosto Comes From

Have you ever heard of the Italian holiday named Ferragosto? Ferragosto is the most important summer holiday in Italy, celebrated on the 15th of August. But if you ask an Italian what they celebrate on that day, the answers could be different: an ancient Roman tradition, a religious holiday or the beginning of middle summer holidays. […]

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Diamante Peperoncino Festival

The Diamante Peperoncino Festival is an absolutely amazing event in Italy. If you have never been to the Diamante Peperoncino Festival, in Calabria, this year could be the right time to go. An authentic festival in an enchanting little city that you will love. Diamante is the capital of peperoncino (hot chilly) and boasts an Accademia […]

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Italian Beginner 1 Course: Discover Our Promotion

A Beginner Italian Course in less amount is now a reality! If you are looking for a Beginner Italian Course in less amount, at Happy Languages we have something great for you. We always try to keep our prices very competitive and offer the opportunity to save some money to our students. The price of […]

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HAPPYforward: Step 2

Are you enjoying your language course at Happy Languages in London? If you are attending a language course at Happy Languages in London or you are about to start, there are amazing news! As you know, in the last four years we have been in an amazing office that we have enjoyed a lot. But […]

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My Happy Gadget Contest – Spanish

Looking for Spanish classes with minimum fee? At Happy Languages Spanish classes with minimum fee are the reality. On top of our competitive prices for group and one-to-one lessons, we have a new amazing contest for you! We always try to make you feel part of the family! This time we really wanted to give […]


Visit Ronda

Ronda is a stunning town built astride a deep gash in the Andalusian mountains. Ronda is about 100km from Malaga and has become very popular for its location. This beautiful town literally sits above a ravine, El Tajo gorge, carved by the Guadalevín river, . This dramatic view and the landscape you can enjoy from the town […]