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la semana santa

La Semana Santa

One of the most known festivity in Spain is the “Semana Santa“, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. Spain is a very catholic country, and during this week all over Spain there are processions of believers and statues depicting Jesus and his mother Mary known as “Pasos“, carried by people of old brotherhoods (confràdias) that […]

One-to-One Spanish Lessons London

Discover Our Online One-to-One Spanish Lessons

Ready for your One-to-One Spanish Lessons in London? Even during the quarantine, our One-to-One Spanish Lessons in London carry on! Since the emergency started, we moved all our lessons on the online platform Zoom. Therefore it si very easy to take some individual lessons while you are at home! How do they work? Online one-to-one […]

Spanish Online Lesson

Spanish Online Conversation Lesson Fridays 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Looking for a Spanish online lesson to do some conversation? As we are all spending the whole day at home and can’t do our usual activities, we offer a Spanish online lesson of conversation to keep improving your Spanish. It’s a good idea to keep practising even from home! The conversation lesson is held online […]

italian online lesson

Italian Online Conversation Lesson Fridays 1.00pm-2.00pm

Would you enjoy an Italian online lesson of conversation? In this tough time, we offer an Italian online lesson of pure conversation to help you practise your Italian while at home. We believe that it’s very important to keep our usual hobbies unchanged…and if you like learning Italian, this is a fantastic opportunity to speak […]

Pastiera napoletana

Make A Fantastic Italian Easter Cake: Pastiera Napoletana

The Pastiera Napoletana is the perfect Italian Easter cake! Coming from Napoli, the Pastiera Napoletana is a traditional cake you might have tasted during the Easter period. A well balanced cake made with a crumbly shortcrust pastry and a soft flavourful filling…really delicious! As we are spending more time at home this Easter, we can […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Avere La Testa Fra Le Nuvole Means In Italian

“Avere la testa fra le nuvole” is a nice Italian idiom, do you know its meaning? “Avere la testa fra le nuvole” is the right expression to describe a temporary or permanent state of mind. If we translate it, we realise that it corresponds to the English idiom: to have your head in the clouds. […]

spanish for beginners

Let’s Learn Some Spanish Easter Words

Learning Spanish for Beginners is really fun! If you study Spanish for Beginners and are enjoying your lessons, you will be happy to expand your vocabulary. In this period of the year, Easter is the most important event in Spain. People do celebrate this religious festivity all the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, the […]

beginner language courses london

Online Italian Courses: Week 2

Our Italian Beginner Language Courses in London are now online! Our second week of online Beginner Language Courses in London has been amazing. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency, we are holding our lessons on Zoom, a great platform perfect for educational purposes. So every evening we access our virtual classes with our students and […]

learning spanish for beginners

An Intriguing Spanish Easter Tradition

Learning Spanish for Beginners means discovering lovely customs and traditions! In this period of the year, learning Spanish for Beginner students is closely related to Easter (Pascua). It is nice to learn either some useful vocabulary and some nice customs to better understand how people live this important festivity. Going through the main celebrations it is possible […]

Coronavirus Emergency

You are probably aware of the Coronavirus emergency in the UK. At the moment, the Coronavirus Emergency is a very big issue for many countries. As your health and safety are our priority, we decided to take the necessary measures in order to protect you as much as possible and prevent the spreading of the […]

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