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Italian lessons

How To Learn Business Italian

Do you want to start some business Italian lessons? If you need to learn the language for work, taking business Italian lessons is definitely a good idea. Nowadays more and more companies have offices in Italy and travelling regularly is quite common. Therefore a lot of professionals need to speak Italian at a good level […]

uses of future tense

Italian Video Tutorial: Uses Of Future Tense

Do you know the uses of Future Tense in Italian? We have different uses of Future Tense to learn. This is why it is important to focus on each use and read some examples to better understand them. Let’s go through them watching this video tutorial!   In Italian we use the Future Tense to […]

Spanish for business

Let’s Start Learning Business Spanish

Do you need to study Spanish for business? Nowadays more and more professionals need to study Spanish for business. A huge number of companies have regular contacts with Spanish speaking countries for business. Sometimes big companies have offices in countries where Spanish is the official language and employees travel quite often. So, even though English […]

Eco-friendly holidays

Top 5 Eco-friendly Holidays

Thinking of eco-friendly holidays this year? Eco-friendly holidays are getting more and more popular as the concern for the environment rises. There are quite a lot of things to pay attention to and many sustainable ways to travel. For example, transport and accommodation are to be chosen carefully if you want to respect the environment. […]

Febada Asturiana

How To Make Fabada Asturiana

The Fabada Asturiana is a perfect winter comfort food! If you tried Fabada Asturiana, you know what we mean. This warm stew is typical in the region called Asturias, in the North of Spain. The combination of white beans and three types of pork meat is delicious and very tasty. Even though you might think […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Prendere Il Toro Per Le Corna Means In Italian

Do you know the idiom Prendere il toro per le corna? In Italian, Prendere il toro per le corna is a common expression. A very figurative idiom that you can easily understand if you think of its literal meaning: “taking the bull by the horns”. Actually, in English the expression used is exactly as in […]

Italian courses

Which Type Of Italian Lessons Works For You?

Not sure about what type of Italian courses to take? Italian courses have to be chosen carefully. For example, it is important to choose between group courses and one-to-one lessons. Depending on your needs and preferences, you should think about which option would be best for you. What are the main differences? Group courses take […]

carnival sweets

Carnival Sweets in Italy

Have you tried Italian Carnival sweets? The Italian Carnival sweets are really delicious! Carnival in Italy is a fun celebration: people dress up (especially children) and go around the cities throwing carnival confetti or taking part in funny parades. But it is also the time of the year when people like cooking nice and tasty sweets. Have a look at […]

Spanish evening classes

Get Ready For Your DELE B2 Exam

How can Spanish evening classes help you prepare your DELE B2 exam? Even if not specific, your general Spanish evening classes are essential to get ready for a certification exam. When you have such a big language goal, the first step is reaching the right level to pass the exam. Many students approach a language […]

Carnival 2020 Italy

What To Do For Carnival 2020 In Italy

Ready to celebrate Carnival 2020 in Italy? Carnival 2020 in Italy offers amazing events to enjoy the atmosphere and discover lovely traditions. Apart from the most famous events, there are loads of traditional celebrations around Italy to discover this year! Let’s see some lovely celebrations for 2020! Milano. The Carnevale Ambrosiano dei Ragazzi in Milan […]

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