asking questions in spanish

Video Tutorial : Asking Questions In Spanish

Asking questions in Spanish is essential for the everyday conversation. As in other languages, asking questions in Spanish is different from English. So it is important to learn how to ask questions and have a look at the structure of the sentence. First of all, some words to start a question are really important! Watching […]

spanish courses in london by experts

Top Spanish Holidays Words

Enjoying some Spanish courses in London by experts? Mostly, in summer all the Spanish courses in London by experts dedicate some time to holidays vocabulary. As the majority of students, you are probably counting the days left to your holiday in Spain! If this is the case, you should learn some useful vocabulary to be as […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

How To Succeed In Learning Spanish

Long term Spanish Classes in London are structured to guide you towards proficiency. At Happy Languages, our long term Spanish classes in London are carefully planned in order to make students progress. So if your goal is reaching an advanced level, following the courses we designed is the perfect learning path. How are courses structured? […]

top 5 italian summer destinations

Top 5 Italian Summer Destinations 2019

What are the top 5 Italian summer destinations 2019? Reading more about the top 5 Italian summer destinations 2019 will help you book your holiday! Italy is the perfect country to spend some time in summer. It offers a variety of amazing places to discover, so you can combine different activities and never get bored. […]

spanish idiom

What Acorstarse Con Las Gallinas Means In Spanish

Can you guess what “acostarse con las gallinas” means in Spanish? “Acostarse con las gallinas” is a nice Spanish idiom very often used in conversation. If you have heard it many times, you must be very curious about it! The peculiarity of most Spanish idiom is to be not exactly straightforward. Understanding their meaning often […]

Italian Courses in London by experts

Top Italian Holidays Words

Taking Italian courses in London by experts? In summer Italian courses in London by experts are focused on some useful holidays vocabulary. As you might have noticed, sometimes the simplest words are the most difficult if we have never come across them. And travelling to Italy is always a great challenge! We are pretty sure […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

Discover Our Spanish Beginner Course From September

Long term Spanish classes in London are the perfect choice to learn Spanish. If you are looking for long term Spanish classes in London from September, we are plenty of courses! From the 23rd September our new term will start. So either if you are resume after the summer break or you are totally new […]

Two months classes for Italian

Discover Our Italian Beginner 1 Course From September

Can’t wait to start two months classes for Italian in September? At Happy Languages we have great two months classes for Italian starting from the 23rd September. In that week all our courses will restart after the summer break and we will be happy to welcome you! As we offer a number of different courses, […]


Formentera: A Dream Summer Destination

Is Formentera your next destination? Formentera is definitely a great choice for your summer holidays. Even though you might think that this little island is similar to Ibiza, well…there couldn’t be anything more different! Formentera is the smallest of the Baleari islands and offers amazing beaches and untouched nature to enjoy. What type of holiday […]

Italian Crash Course in London

Italian Crash Course In London

Choosing an Italian Crash Course in London is a great idea! Our Italian Crash Course in London is a very popular course among those who want to start learning Italian. The main reason why students choose it is that it takes place over a weekend. This means that it does not affect your weekly schedule. […]