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Suburra: A Top Italian TV Series

Suburra is a great Italian TV series to watch! First Italian TV series broadcasted by Netflix, Suburra: Blood On Rome includes two seasons. Inspired by the book written by Giancarlo Di Cataldo and Carlo Bonini, it followed a movie also based on the novel. What is it about? The story is the intriguing plot of […]

Italian course in less amount

Let’s try Emilia’s Crafted Pasta: A New Great Deal

An Italian course in less amount is something everyone would like to find! If you are looking for an Italian course in less amount, you will be happy to hear about our amazing deals. When you start studying at Happy Languages you get your personal Member Card. It is a card that you can use […]

Spanish Classes With Less Fees

A Lovely Deal: Try The Port House

Spanish classes with less fees are not only a fantasy! Our Spanish classes with less fees are a great solution to have your course and save some money. Once you start studying with us, you get your personal Happy Languages Member Card, which can be used in a lot of places around London to get […]

La Casa De Papel

La Casa De Papel: A Top Spanish TV Series

Have you already watched La Casa De Papel? La Casa De Papel is an incredibly popular Spanish TV Series, known in English as “Money Heist”. Since its first season in 2017 it became a must-see. The following two seasons have confirmed the great success of the first one and the fourth season is expected for […]

Italian Classes With Less Fees

A Fantastic Deal With Al Dente

How can you get Italian classes with less fees? At Happy Languages we offer Italian classes with less fees through a number of great deals. Did you know that? All our students have their Happy Languages Member Card, which gives the chance to save money in many shops and restaurants around London. We believe that it […]

Risotto alla Milanese

A Traditional Italian Recipe: Risotto Alla Milanese

Preparing a good Risotto alla Milanese is really easy! If you have tried the Risotto alla Milanese and can’t live without anymore, it’s time to make it at home. This delicious Italian specialty is the most typical dish from Milano: an ancient recipe created in the 16th century which quickly became very popular. It would be […]

Gomorra Series

A Great Italian TV Series: Gomorra

Are you a Gomorra Series lover? The Gomorra Series includes 4 seasons and is inspired to the crime book Gomorra, written by Roberto Saviano. Since the first season Gomorra was a great success: the violent war between the camorra‘s clans is definitely very engaging. Even though the whole series is in Neapolitan dialect, its success […]

Crema Catalana

How To Prepare A Traditional Crema Catalana

Do you like a good crema catalana to end your dinner? Crema catalana is one of the most classic Spanish desserts. It looks like a kind of custard creme with caramelized sugar on top…delicious! Many people say that it’s the Spanish version of the French creme brûléé, even though there are some differences in ingredients and […]

Long term italian classes in london

Italian Elementary 3 Course: How The First Class Went

Our long term Italian classes in London are always fun! Last week we started our Elementary 3 long term Italian classes in London. The Elementary 3 course is perfect for all those students who have learnt all the complex topics of the previous two courses and want to practice them thoroughly. The Past Tenses Passato […]

Uses of Condizionale

Italian Video Tutorial: Uses of Condizionale

Have you already studied the Uses of Condizionale in Italian? The Uses of Condizionale are quite different, so it is important to consider when to use it. Going through all of them is definitely very helpful, especially if you can have a look at some examples. So watch this lovely video tutorial, it will be a great […]

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