Discover Matera

The City of Rocks, “la Città dei Sassi“: this is how Matera is called. If you look at Matera, you understand why. The ancient city is literally carved in the rock, a beautiful art work originated by the natural caves lately shaped according to the population’s needs. The first settlement dates back to the Paleolithic: […]

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Video Tutorial: How To Describe The Weather In Spanish

Are you going on holiday to Spain this summer? Wouldn’t it be great to know how to describe the weather in Spanish? Our Spanish tuition in London covers this in our courses. We offer Spanish tuition in London which will give you the confidence to converse with native Spanish speakers. This video should help you […]

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Learning Italian in London: Italian Beginner 3 Course

Learning Italian in London has never been so fun! Have you been learning Italian in London for a while? Combining amazing teachers, lovely materials and enjoyable activities, our courses are a happy time to spend together after a long day at work. If you have already attended around 30 hours of Italian, your next step […]

Italian idiom

What does “Non avere peli sulla lingua” mean in Italian?

Have you heard of the idiom “Non avere peli sulla lingua” while learning Italian in London? Do you know what it means? The literal translation is: “Not to have hairs on your tongue”. If you’re just starting out in Italian, you may be very confused when hearing this phrase! What does it mean to have hairs […]

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Santa Tecla in Tarragona: An Incredible Town Festival

If you have never taken part in Santa Tecla Festival in Tarragona, it’s time to go! Santa Tecla Festival is the most important event in Tarragona: it takes place in September every year and attracts big crowds who want to celebrate the saint patron of the city. For its cultural importance, this amazing festival was […]

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Video Tutorial: Weekdays, Months and Seasons in Italian

Can you use names of weekdays, months and seasons in Italian? At the beginning of your journey in the Italian languages, weekdays, months and seasons are one of the first useful things to learn. Either if you want just to say the date of an appointment, having a basic conversation or make a booking in […]


A New Food Experience: Discover The Best Sagre in Italy

Do you know what the Italian sagre are? If you love Italian food and wines and are keen to try a new tasting experience, the sagre will amaze you: traditional food festivals based on a specific product or recipe to enjoy. So how do they work? Originally, the sagre were related to a religious celebration […]

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Spanish Beginner 3 Course: How Is It Structured?

Looking for Spanish languages courses in London? If you are browsing our Spanish language courses in London at Happy Languages and you have already studied for around 30 hours, the Beginner 3 course would be the natural continuation of your studies. General features. It is an evening course which normally lasts for 10 weeks, 1 […]

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Italian Beginner 2 Course: Structure and Contents

Browsing the Italian Beginners Language Courses in London? If you have already studied the basics and want to pick the perfect one among the choice of Beginners Language Courses in London, have a look at our Beginner 2 Course! Who is it perfect for? This course is the natural continuation of a Total Beginner Course, […]

Why Taking Individual Italian Classes?

Are you wondering if taking Individual Italian Classes in London is worth? First of all, choosing Individual Italian Classes in London sort out quite a big problem: London is a chaotic city and the idea of reaching the opposite side of the city for a language course might let you down. Learning Italian in London […]