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order in a restaurant in spanish

Video Tutorial: How To Order In A Restaurant In Spanish

Do you know how to order in a restaurant in Spanish? Being able to order in a restaurant in Spanish is a great goal, especially if you want to travel to Spain soon. If you know some phrases and the right vocabulary it won’t be too difficult! Let’s watch this useful video tutorial to learn […]

Evening Italian courses in London

Italian Elementary Course: A Nice Warm-Up Activity

Our evening Italian courses in London are always fun! If you take part in our evening Italian courses in London, there will be many lovely activities to practise the language. We believe that it is always important to start a course having fun. This is why we try many different warm-up activities. These activities have […]

carnival in italy

Carnival In Italy

Carnival is a festivity celebrated in catholic countries. The period of Carnival corresponds with the days before the Lent, and it finishes on the the Mardi Grass. In Italy there is a long tradition about Carnival and every city has its own parades. Let’s see together the most famous! The Carnival of Venezia: known all around […]

Spanish tuitions London

How To Get Ready For Spanish DELE B1 Exam

If you want to take the Spanish DELE B1 certification, taking Spanish tuitions in London is a great choice! Spanish tuitions in London can be easily arranged and tailored on your needs. That is why we strongly suggest to choose this option when it comes to preparing a specific exam. Group courses are definitely useful […]

learn Italian language

Travel Classes: Why Learning Italian In Italy

Have you considered spending some time in Italy to learn the Italian language? If you want to learn the Italian language, a trip to Italy is always ideal! There are a number of great options to enjoy some time in one of your favourite places in Italy while studying the language. Most schools in Italy […]

Valentine's day London

Valentine’s Day: What To Do In London

How would you like to spend Valentine’s day n London? If you want to celebrate Valentine’s day in London, there are many amazing options. Apart from flowers and chocolates, you will find the perfect way to celebrate! Let’s discover some of the best things to do! Sky Garden Bar. A lovely evening with music, delicious […]

spanish idiom

What Tener Memoria De Pez Means In Spanish

Have you heard someone using the idiom “Tener memoria de pez” in Spanish? If you are keen on learning funny Spanish idioms, Tener memoria de pez is definitely a great one! Idioms are an amazing way to express something in a meaningful way. During our courses we always introduce some important idiomatic expressions as we […]


The Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular festivity all around the world. Do you know the origin of this celebration? Well, the tradition wants that pope Gelasio I, in 469 A.C., decided that the 14th February, Saint Valentine’s day, would be the day of the love. In this way he wanted to fight a pagan […]

Spanish evening classes

How To Prepare The Spanish DELE A2 Exam

What Spanish Evening Classes would be good to reach the A2 level? If you want to get ready for an exam but you are very busy at work, the first step is taking Spanish evening classes. Before starting a specific exam’s preparation, the best thing to do is covering all the contents and reach the […]

spanish language course

The Most Popular Words of Carnival In Spanish

Have you already learnt some words of Carnival during your Spanish language course? During this time of the year any Spanish language focuses on Carnival! It is quite an important festivity all around Spain: you can discover the best celebrations here. Either if you are planning to take part in one of them or not, […]

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